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Jean le Rond D'Alembert
coeditor of the Encyclopedie
Paper currency, the French churches were used as collateral -the first French paper currency issued by the General Assembly
Medieval fortress that was converted to a prison stormed by peasants for ammunition during the early stages of the French Revolution
Comfortable members of the 3rd estate. Basically middle class, wanted the privileges of the nobility and upper clergy
Revolutionary Calendar
Created by the National Convention, it established after the French Revolution -day one was the first day of the French Republic
Committee of Public Safety
Established and led by Robespierre, fixed bread prices and nationalized some businesses. Basically secret police and also controlled the war effort. Instigated the Reign of Terror
Conspiracy of Equals
Led by "Gracchus" Babeuf an attempt to renew violent rebellion after the Thermidore reaction,-communistic in nature
Form of government which followed the directory -established by Napoleon-ended when Napoleon was crowned emperor
National Convention
The third estate of the Estates General -broke from the Estates because they wanted the Estates to sit as a committee and not as segregated groups
Led the Mountains with Robespierre-also executed with Robespierre