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  1. Starch
  2. Isotope
  3. Decomposition reaction
  4. Radioactive tracers
  5. Plastic
  1. a Natural organic compound.
  2. b Protons are a different number than the neutrons.
  3. c A synthetic organic compound.
  4. d Simpler substances are formed.
  5. e Used to detect cancer tumors.

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  1. Nuclei with smaller masses that combine to form one nucleus with a larger mass.
  2. Light and soft metals like calcium and magnesium.
  3. Substance does not change chemically, like sugar water, cutting hair, making trail mix.
  4. Alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays.
  5. Needs constant energy to continue, usually a decrease in temperature.

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  1. Chain reactionProcess in which the products keep the process going.


  2. Noble gasDo not react naturally with other elements, like argon, neon and xenon.


  3. IndicatorA substance that changes color as pH of solution changes.


  4. Nuclear FissionSplitting nucleus into smaller pieces.


  5. Replacement reactionProcess in which the products keep the process going.