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  1. Transition Metals
  2. Electrolyte
  3. Metalloids
  4. Carbohydrate
  5. Product
  1. a Body's main energy source, especially in respiration. Sugar is an example.
  2. b Hard and shiny metals like copper, iron, gold, nickel and zinc.
  3. c Conducts Electricity when dissolved in water.
  4. d Substance shown on the right side of a chemical equation.
  5. e Silicon, boron and arsenic. Have properties similar to metals and nonmetals.

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  1. Natural substances or formed from two natural substances.
  2. Process in which the products keep the process going.
  3. Tastes sour and turns blue litmus paper pink, pH is less than 7.
  4. Do not react naturally with other elements, like argon, neon and xenon.
  5. Force that holds two atoms together.

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  1. Noble gasElement in the far right column of the periodic table.


  2. IsotopeProtons are a different number than the neutrons.


  3. ReactantNatural substances or formed from two natural substances.


  4. Chemical reaction examplesProcess in which a substance is transformed into a new substance.


  5. Alkaline Earth MetalsLight and soft metals like calcium and magnesium.