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  1. Noble gas
  2. Alkali metal
  3. Physical change
  4. Starch
  5. Plastic
  1. a Natural organic compound.
  2. b A synthetic organic compound.
  3. c Substance does not change chemically, like sugar water, cutting hair, making trail mix.
  4. d Element in the far left column of the periodic table.
  5. e Element in the far right column of the periodic table.

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  1. Process in which a substance is transformed into a new substance.
  2. Contain carbon and most of the time they contain hydrogen and oxygen too.
  3. Process that produces water and salt.
  4. Process that releases energy and there is an increase in temperature.
  5. Conducts Electricity when dissolved in water.

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  1. AcidTastes sour and turns blue litmus paper pink, pH is less than 7.


  2. Chemical reaction examplesProcess in which a substance is transformed into a new substance.


  3. IndicatorA substance that changes color as pH of solution changes.


  4. Nobel gasesDo not react naturally with other elements, like argon, neon and xenon.


  5. Nuclear FusionNuclei with smaller masses that combine to form one nucleus with a larger mass.


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