29 terms

PSYModules 26,27,28,30

Some information in our fleeting ___________ is encoded into short-term memory.
working memory
Memory acquisition is to memory retention as ____________ is to _______________
encoding; storage
The process of encoding refers to ....
Getting information into memory
The process of getting information OUT of the memory is called...
Which area of the brain is most important in the processing of IMPLICIT memories?
Infantile amnesia is largely associated with a lack of ________ memory.
By presenting research participants with three rows of three letters each for only a fraction of a second, Sperling demonstrated that people have ________ memory.
The disruption of memory that occurs when football plays have been knocked our provides evidence for the importance of .....
Consolidation in the new formation of memories
We are MORE likely to remember the words ""typewriter, cigarette, and fire" than the words "void, process, and inherent". This best illustrates....
When first introduced to someone, Marcel effectively remembers the person's name by repeating it to himself several times. Marcel makes use of a strategy called....
The tendency to immediately recall the first and last items in a list better than the middle items is known as the ________ effect
Serial position
Your ability to immediately recognize the voice over the phone as your mother's illustrates the value of....
Acoustic encoding
Which of the techniques used by professional therapists is (are) likely to promote false memories in patients?
Guided imagery, dream analysis, hypnosis
Compulsive gamblers frequently recall losing less money than is actually the case. Their memory failure best illustrates..
Motivated forgetting
Karl and Dee had a joyful wedding ceremony. After their painful divorce, however, they began to remember the wedding as a somewhere hectic and unpleasant even. Their recollections best illustrate the nature of--
Memory Construction
Storage is to encoding as _______ is to _______
Retention; acquisition
The process of encoding refers to....
getting information into memory
The retention of encoded information over time refers to....
The three steps in memory information processing are....
encoding, storage, retrieval
Which part of the brain plays a key role in forming and storing the implicit memories created by classical conditioning?
The increase in synaptic firing potential that contributes to memory formation is known as....
Long-term potentiation
Stress hormones promote stronger memories by
increasing the availability of glucose
The temporary release of serotonin has been found to _______ memory formation, and the temporary release of stress hormones has been found to ________ memory formation.
Facilitate; facilitate
Encoding and storing a friend's new cellphone number typically involves....
the effortful processing
The organization of information into meaningful units is called....
One way to increase the amount of information in memory is to group it into larger, familiar units. This process is referred to as....
Researchers staged either seances during which participants were asked to concentrate on moving a table. Participants who later recalled having seen the table move illustrated...
Imagination inflation
Which of the following sequences would be best to follow if you wanted to minimize interference-induced forgetting in order to improve your recall on the psychology midterm?
Study, sleep, test
Adults who have trouble remembering incidences of childhood sexual abuse have often been led by therapists to believe that their memory difficulties are due to....