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Law and Gov Politics Unit

coattail effect
influence that a popular canddiate for a top office can have on the voters' support of other canddidates of his/her party on the same ballot.
a union of persons or groups of diverse interests, an alliance of parties for the purpose of forming a government.
wedge issues
an issues that is splitting up the other opposing group and divides them.
dark horse
unexpected winner. last minute and very well known
white knight
a person who comes in and saves the day
force military action (aggression)
person who wants peace
litmus test
a politician has to take a stand that agrees with their party or else they wont get elected. Used to make sure canddiate is on the same page as everyone else.
base of support
people who are the most loyal in a party and will definatly vote for the party they belong in.
balanced ticket
nominating canddiates that represent different parties of the country and diffrent sections.
in an election, at least one more vota than that recieved by any other candidate, a plurality may or may not be a majority of the total vote.
split ticket voting
voting for canddiates from different parties
to look over government officals and helps keep people in power honest
independent and unaffiliated
not a democrat or a republican. Don't take a political stand. in the middle.
activities of an agent (lobbyist) for a pressure group, usually to influence public policy.
pork barrel
a federal project that is designed to benefit one state or a person, or one district
(approval by the voters) The instruction or commands a constituency gives to its elected officials concerning policies.
making something look better than it really is.
talking flak
criticizing to make people angry
swing voters
the voters that havent commited to one party or another and can change the outcome of the elction.
Political Action Committee
(PAC) Political arm of a special interest group that seeks to influence elections and public policy decisions.
Broker who gathers up donations and gives to the candidates.
meetings of party members to select a candidate.