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Operating systems Chapter # 1

The main component of an OS that always remains in memory while the computer is running, managing lowlevel tasks.
If you save confidential data on your local hard drive, you should be using an operating system that includes a ___function, which protects local files and folders from unauthorized access.
operating system
Takes care of the interaction between a program and a computer's hardware, freeing application programmers from the task of including such functions in their programs
virtual memory
An operating system that uses ___ will allow you to simultaneously run more programs than the physical memory of the computer will hold.
task management
When you run several applications at once and switch between them, you are experiencing the __ feature of an operating system.
input/output (I/O)
Interaction with a computer involving getting data and commands into it and results out of it is called___.
The role of a ___ is to provide services to other computers on a network.
device driver
Software that allows the operating system to control a hardware component.
Modern OSs are ___ operating systems.
user interface
the ___ function of an OS includes the visual components as well as the command processor that loads a program into memory.
Mac OS X
Which operating system cannot be licensed for a PC?
Integrated circuit (IC)
A small electronic component made up of transistors (tiny switches) and other miniaturized parts.
Lotus 1-2-3
Introduced in 1983, this application program became the "killer app" that made the IBM PC a must-have business tool.
Windows Server 2008
What is not available as a desktop operating system.
A computer input device.
file and print server
On a network, the purpose of this computer is to allow end users to save and access files stored on this computer, as well as to print to printers connected to this computer.
speed and the ability to support real-time application programs
This characterizes a real-time operating system.
MacOS X is built on NextStep, an OS based on what kernal?
government agency
In the early 1950s, a typical computer end user would have been a:
An operating system is to a computer as a ___ is to a department.
toward physically smaller, more powerful computers
What accurately describes the overall trend in computing during the past 60+ years?
on the client computer
A client computer accesses a file and print server, opens a file and edits it. In this scenario where is the processing done?
A specialized form of this type of computer would be used by an individual you might see in a grocery store aisle, taking inventory.
This chip contains the basic input/output system for a computer.
log on with a user name and password
What is the very first thing a user must do to gain access to a secure computer?