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Historical Geography of China and Events


Early 2nd Millennium BC - Agricultural Society

Imperial Dynasties

Based on Agricultural Potential in China

Shang Dynasty

1766 - 1080 BC - First Political Entity, North China Plain

Han Dynasty

206 BC - 220 AD Golden Age of Ancient China

Tang and Sung Dynasty

618 - 1279 Medieval China

Yuan Dynasty

13th and 14th Centuries Mongol Control

Ming Dynasty

14th and 17th Centuries China's Prosperity returns

Qing Dynasty

1644 - 1911 Loss of Power and Territory

Republic China

In 1911 - Decades of Turmoil

The Chinese Civil War

Nationalist versus Communists

The Long March

In Beijing, China

Japanese Extension and World War 2

From 1931 to 1945

The People's Republic of China

Is Taiwan


In 1949 - Nationalists defeat

In 1949

PC versus Taiwan

Chinese Communists were

Allied with the USSR - Stalinism

Mao Zedong - Soviet Communist Style

In the 1950's - was established

The Great Leap Forward

In the Late 1950's - Integrating China's Economy and Industry

Rift with the Soviet Union

In the Early 1960's

The Cultural Revolution

From 1966 to 1976

Result of Mao's Death in 1976

Power Struggle - Deng Xiaoping takes over

Deng Xiaoping establishes

A Free Market System - building a strong economy

Developments in the Late 1970's

FourModernizations - Economic Revival - Industry, Military, Agriculture and Technology

Establish Special Economic Zones

(SEZ) Tax Breaks, Export Incentives and Foreign Investment

One Child Policy

Controlling the population growth

Present Day China - Economically

Two Countries in One

Present Day China - Living

Standard of Living is higher than before

Present Day China - Gap

Urban Rural Gap: 800 Million Peasants, 400 Million Urban Dwellers

China's Population Goal

Stabilize by 2050 at 1.3 Billion

Rapid Economic Growth Effects

Social Dislocation, Destruction, Pollution, Erosion, 2nd biggest economy

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