Islam Chapter 10 section 1

who were the Bedouins and what would they contributes to future cultures?
arab nomads organized in clans/tribes
they valued courage and military ability, along with Family loyalty
how were the Arabs connected to the rest of the world through trade? How did Mecca fit this model?
by 600's, Arabs were connected to Byzantines and Persians, silk roads to the east.
Mecca was a pit-stop for traders which held a shrine, the Ka'aba
describe the Ka'aba and it's importance
house holding 360 idols ( rocks ) brought by many tribes that represented g-ds.
many polytheistic, but some jews and christians had introduced ideas of monotheism.
what changes took place in Mecca after Muhammad conquered?
all but one of the 360 rocks in the Ka'aba were destroyed. one, representing Allah, survived.
Many converted to Islam and joined the umma, or Muslim religious community
what other laws are muslims to abide by?
no drinking alcohol, or eating pork
friday afternoons are for communal worship