Chapter 1 Vocab (Social Studies)

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point of view
Image: perspective
Spatial Perspective
they way geographers look at everything-- in relation to space
Image: Spatial Perspective
Study of the earth
Image: Geography
Image: urban
Open land
Image: Rural
absolute location
Exact location of a place on the earth
Image: absolute location
Relative location
The position of a place in relation to another place
Image: Relative location
Sub regions
A much smaller geographic region
Image: Sub regions
Movement of ideas or behaviors from one rejoin to another
Image: Diffusion
Computer system
Image: Gis
Large walls, usually made of dirt, built along rivers to prevent flooding
Image: Levees
Dust bowl
Area of land where variations has been lost and soil reduced to dust and eroded especially as a consequence of drought or unsuitable farming
Image: Dust bowl
Human Geography
the study of people, past or present
Image: Human Geography
Physical Geography
the study of physical features of the earth's surface
Image: Physical Geography
The study of the earth's atmosphere in relation to weather and climate
Image: Meterology

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