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Energy and Fossil Fuels

a change from one form of energy to another
energy transformation
is a substance that provides a form of energy-such as heat, light, electricity, or motion
the process of burning a fuel
fossil fuels
are the energy-rich substance formed from the remains o once-living organisms
are energy-rich chemical compounds that contain hydrogen and carbon atoms
is another name for oil
a factory where crude oil is separated into fuels and other products
are compounds that are made from oil
areknown deposits of coal that can be obtaines using current technology
inexhaustible resouce
is a resource that exists in such large supply that it can be considered almost limitless
hydroelectric power
is electricty produed by flowing water
biomass fuels
are fuels made from things that were once alive
geothermal energy
heat energy in Earth's interor from water or steam that has been heated by magma
renewable resource
a resource that is naturally replaced in a relatively short time
nuclear fission
is the splitting of an atom's nucleus into two smaller nuclei
central core of an atom that contains the protons and neutrons
reactor vessel
is the section of a nuclear reactor fission occurs
fuel rods
the reactor contains rods of U-235
control rods
made of the metal cadmium butween the fuel rods
fuel rods generated so much heat that they started to melt
nuclear fusion
is the combining of two atmoic nuclei to produce a single larger nucleus
is the precentage of energy that is actually used to peform work
is a layer of material that helps block the transfer of heat between the air inside and outside a building
Why are fossil fuels considered to be nonrenewable?
long time to reform
what are three main fossil fuels?
oil, natural gas, coal
what is coal made out of?
plant remains
Which fossil furl is used most in the U.S?
which fossil fuel produces the least pollution?
natural gas
what are some advantages of solar energy?
what are some things powered by solar cells?
solar panels
name some other soures of renewable energy?
hydroelectric, biomass, geothermal
which source of renewable energy is widely used?
hydroelectric power
List some examples of biomass fuel?
corn, manuer
How is wind used as energy?
to make electricity
What is energy conservation?
to save energy
How can you reduce your use of energy?
using less water, turning off lights
How can you increase your energy efficiency?
not using as much energy
Explain how putting insulation in a building conserves energy?
it blocks wind so it is warmer
Name some energy efficient devices?
what are substances that provide energy as the result of a chemical change?
energy transformation
name some items that solar cells power?
calulators, lights, telephone,
what is the most widely used source of renewable energy in the world today?
hydroelectric energy
what is the resuly of using fossil fuels more rapidly than they are formed?
they run out quickly
The intense heat beneath earth's surfface can be a source of what type of energy?
geothermal energy
a fuel is a substance that providdes energy as a result of a chemical change.
In the United States, the fossil fuel that is present in the largest amount is natural gas.
Fossil fuels are considered to be nonrenewable because they form at a slower rate than that which they are used.
An active solar system captures the sun's energy, then uses fans and pumps to distribute heat.
A turbie that generates electricity when turned by moving water provides solar power.
The energy generated by heat from Earth's interior is called geothermal energy
fluorescent light bulb
drafty window
incandescent light bulb
not efficient
gasoline-powered car
not efficient
driving a car alone into the city at rush hour
not efficient
leaving lights on whenever you leave a room
not efficient
recycling aluminum soda cans
leaving your home without insulation
not efficient