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C. A. R and Africa

Fall exam study guide
What makes C. A. R. distinctive from other countries
1.Speak Sango
2. Combined with many other countries including Gabon, Congo, and Chad
3. Women do all of the cooking, cleaning, and harvesting
4. They export diamonds (a lot of diamonds)
5. They think saving money is a sign of greed
6. Men can have more than one wife or girlfriend at a time
7. Economic system is based on agriculture
8. There is a 105 seat National Assembly, which is like our congress
A process where heavy rains wash away the nutrients in the soil
Great Rift Valley
A big valley on the East side of the continent. It has many minerals
the cliffs that divide the plateau from the coastal plains
Large waterfalls and/or rapids
Hydro-electric Power
electricity made by flowing water
Supreme Being
The one the Africans believed created the Earth
A holy war.
Diviners and Healers
Were respected in the African community. Healed people and were well educated.
The movement against slavery
The scattering of people and their culture across the globe
David Livingstone
Important missionary that discovered the Zambezi River.
Berlin Conference
A conference in Germany where European leaders decided on the borders of countries in Africa.
Indirect/Direct Rule
Indirect rule is when the "in-charge" country tells the country it rules what to do, but the leaders of the country it rules over are governing
Direct rule is when the "in charge" country is in the country it rules and are the government
Money economy
The Europeans introduced money to the African Society and made the Africans work very hard for their money.
Elite in society
The people that had things other Africans didn't. These were the people that went to secondary school.
Atlantic Slave Trade
The Europeans took many Africans to European countries and the U. S as slaves. They treated them badly.
Role and nature of religion in traditional African societies.
Religion and nature helped them unite their societies and become closer in their families.
How did slavery originate in africa?
When the Europeans came and took Africans to Europe.
Why did some Africans reject their traditional culture?
Because they discovered that the only way to get ahead was to behave like their rulers.
How European culture affected African culture
They introduced money and many new inventions like telegraph lines and telephones
How European rule helped and harmed African Culture
Harmed: 1. Took Africans for slaves
2. Made them work very hard
Helped: 1. Introduced modern technology
2. Introduced modern medicine
Religious and political motives for taking over Africa
Political: Britain didn't want Germany or France to have African land so they claimed as much as they could.
Religious: Christians wanted to spread Christianity and they also thought that they had the superior religion and everyone should follow it.
Political Cartoon
In the first picture the black man is lying down and letting the whites rule him, but he looks like he is about to stand up. The whites having the dinner party symbolize white rule and the black man symbolizes Africans. In the second picture the black man is standing up and fighting back against the Europeans. It symbolizes the rebellion.
Desmond Tutu
Spoke against Apartheid in South Africa and won the noble peace prize in 1983.
Nelson Mandela
1st black president of South Africa, was put in jail for 27 years for speaking out against apartheid and how unfair it was.
The idea to unite the African nations politically
"Cry Freedom" lyrics
Symbolize the struggle against apartheid and how everyone is equal, no matter how the look
Sharpeville Massacre
Where white South African policemen killed 69 peaceful protesting black south africans.
Apartheid and how it worked
The rigid separation of whites and blacks; the blacks lived in homelands and were not allowed to come out of them without permission
Ways the world encouraged South Africa to stop apartheid
1. banned them from the Olympic games
2. UN put an Arms embargo on them
3. Many nations cut off financial trade with S. A.
4. The OAU and its members boycotted them
Problems South Africa continues to face
1. Debt-African Nations are in Debt and have tough economic situations
2. Science and food production-environmental factors make producing food difficult. Scientists are working towards progress in the area.
3. Limited Family size-Many families have a hard time providing food for many children