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The Fishes

superclass agnatha
classes petromyzontida, myxini
class petromyzontida
class myxini
superclass gnathostomata
classes chondrichthyes, actinopterygii, sarcopterygii
class chondrichthyes
sharks, skate, and rays
class actinopterygii
ray-finned fishes
class sarcopterygii
lobe-finned fishes
buccal funnel
hood-shaped structure supported by a cartilaginous ring that serves as a sucking disc for attachment to a host
at the back of the buccal funnel....
external gill slits
there are seven ______ which lie just behind the eye
a single _______ locate middorsally on top of the head opens into an olfactory sac.
pineal organ
structure containing photoreceptors, marked by a small oval area behind the nostril
only vertebrates with body fluids isotonic to sea water, secret large amounts of mucus, rudimentary eyes, three pairs of barbels
hagfish characteristics
oral disc, separate external openings for each gill slit, dorsal median nostril, undergo metamorphosis (from ammocoete larva)
lamprey characteristics
laterally placed eyes and broad snout
shark characteristics
spiracle, ventral gill slits, enlarged pectoral fins fused to the head, dorsal denticles, spine
skate and ray characteristic
internal skeletons made of bone, bony scales, air bladder used for buoyancy
actinopterygii characteristics
fleshy lobes on the paird fins, a lung, some can withstand drying by encasing themselves in mucus and mud
sarcopterygii characteristics
placoid scales
sharks, skates, and rays scales
ganoid scales
rhomboid shaped, found in sturgeon, gars
cycloid scales
scales with smooth margins, found on teleosts
ctenoid scales
scales with tiny teeth, found on teleosts
structures on male sharks used in transferring spermatozoa to a female
part anterior to head (snout)
a pair of dorsal _____ posterior to the eyes are modified gill slits that open into the pharynx; serve for water intake when a shark is feeding.
lateral line
a white line on each side of the trunk, representing a row of minute, mucus-filled sensory pores used to detect the presence of other animals
cloacal opening
opening in between pelvic fins
large structure that has two large lobes and a small median lobe
thin, tubular sac on the right side of median lobe of liver
spiral valve
structure with cone-shaped folds, inside the valvular intestine
rectal gland
extension from dorsal wall of rectum, regulates ion balance
soft, elongated _____ lie along the dorsal body wall, one on each side of the esophagus
long and narrow, and lie on each side of the dorsal aorta, extend to cloaca
seminal vesicles
widening of sperm duct, which terminate into sperm sacs
a pair of _____ lie against the dorsal body wall, one on each side of the esophagus
bony gill cover
urogenital opening
opening just posterior to the anus
segmental muscles
swim bladder
long, thin-walled structure in a dorsal position in actinopterygii