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boxer rebellion

Boxer Rebellion
-wanted to get rid of all foreign influence
-thought that the westerners took away their jobs
-thought that westerners angered the Chinese spirits because they were in a time of famine
-Anti-Christian: killed missionaries and chinese people who converted
-killed foreign merchants, burned churches and foreign businesses
-because foreign powers wanted to protect foreign powers and take over china
-the foreigners joined together and created the Eight Nation Alliance
eight nation alliance countries
eight nation alliance (about)
-fought together against china
-chinese imperial troops fought back with Boxers
-20,000 foreign troops sent to china
-beijing looted
-many innocent people along with Boxers were tortured or killed
-some chinese families killed themselves rather than be killed by foreigners-took over imperial palace (forbidden city)
boxer protocol
-allowed european governments to have military troops in beijing
-qing gov still in place but essentially ruled by foreign nations
-treaty ended civil service exams
-ended imports of weapons
-gov officials went on trial (some punished, some executed)
-china had to apologize to japan and germany for diplomats that were killed during boxer rebellion
-chinese forts destroyed
-qing had to build monuments for westerners who died
-chinese had to pay 450 million ounces of silver in reparations/indemnities for war damages
effects of boxer rebellion on china
-cixi fled
-brought china completely under foreign domination
-imperialist powers almost colonized china
-failed to fulfill major goal - to drive all foreigners from china