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Modern art in the early 20th century

The Fauves
Expressionism in France: group of artists
-name means "Wild Beasts"
-not concerned w/ visual accuracy of naturalism
*arbitrary use of color
German Expressionism
Similar experiments w/ color & brushworks
-Die Brucke = "The Bridge" = increased interest in tension of urban life
-Der Blaue Reiter = "The Blue Rider" = later than Die Bruke, more interested in spiritual expression, reintroduce religion & spiritual expression
-angular, geometric shapes, flattens out space, multiple vantage points
-new medium: collage
*pastes material taken from everyday life right into the artwork
Futurism (Italian)
Very destructive
-strong sense of movement, moving to a new world
Rayonism (Russian)
Russian artists influenced by Cubism, Futurism & Abstraction (Russian avant-garde)
Suprematism (Russian)
Interested in pure sensation & perception
-other uses for geometry of cubism
-purification of what is seen
*reduced down to bare minimum of what a painting is
Anti-war sentiments
-more a movement than artistic style
*partly in response to WWI
*world doesn't make sense, why should art?
Hugo Ball = leader of Dada
*artist's idea, choice more important than skill or beauty
*interested in cerebral art than retinal art
Strong interest in psychology, especially work of Sigmund Freud (idea of unconscious mind)
-recognizable objects with impossible properties
-more organic, sometimes abstract approach
Early 20th century sculpture
Emphasizes simplicity, more reductive forms
-experimenting w/ base of sculpture
Mexican & American modernism
-Frida Kahlo: seen as surrealist, but didn't see herself as such, paint about what was experienced
-figurative imagery: American Realism = particular in midwest
One of the first developments in modern art
-evokes psychological and/or emotional states
Arbitrary Color
Often used by the Fauves
-not concerned with visual accuracy or naturalism
Pastes materials taken from everyday life right into the artwork
Art made from existing objects
-artist's idea, choice more important than skill or beauty
*more cerebral art than retinal art
*often used by Dada
a public declaration of intentions (as issued by a political party or government)
Automatism (automatic writing)
technique where the artist doesn't use brush or pencil
-aim is to allow subconscious to create the artwork w/o rational interference