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Study minor characters in the iliad

Ajax Oilean

Greek leader from Locris. Also known as Lesser Ajax. Famous for speed.


Trojan. Wife of Hector, mother of Astayanax.


Trojan counselor. Father of many sons lost to the war.


Greek from Pylos, son of Nestor.


Deity favoring Trojans. Daughter of Zeus and Leto. Sister of Apollo. Goddess of the hunt and the Moon.


Trojan warrior and charioteer, tries to breach the Greek walls.


Trojan. Son of Hector and Andromache. Real name is Scamandrius. Astayanax means "lord of the city."


Trojan warrior. Killed by Achilles.


Greek Myrmidon. Achilles' chariot driver.


Greek seer.


Trojan. Son of Priam. Half brother of Hector. Chariot driver for Hector.


Trojan ally. Priest of Apollo. Father of Chryseis. His prayers to Apollo caused the plague on the Greek troops in Book 1.


Trojan ally. Disputed war prize of Agamemnon.


Trojan warrior. Son of Priam. Brother of Hector. Impersonated by Athena to encourage Hector to face Achilles.


Trojan fighter famed for swift feet. Sent on a night raid only to be killed by Diomedes and Odysseus.


Trojan warrior who wounds Patroclus with Apollo's help.


Greek leader from Thessaly.


Trojan seer. Son of Priam and Hecuba. Brother of Hector. Often impersonated by Apollo.


Deity associated with Greeks. Son of Hera. God of fire and metal working. Creator of Achilles' new armor and shield.


Deity favoring Greeks. Son of Zeus. Messenger god. Guides Priam through the Greek camp.


Pre-olympian deity favoring the Trojans. Mother of Artemis and Apollo.


Greek captain from Crete. Fights with the best of the Greek warriors.


Trojan allied archer from Lycia. Breaks an early truce by shooting Menelaus.


Greek Myrmidon. Advisor to Achilles. King of the Dolopians.


Trojan warrior. Advises Hector on strategy.


Greek leader of Lapiths. Helps to protect the ships.


Greek from Argos, friend to Diomedes.


Deity favoring the Trojans. River god. Fights Achilles.


Greek, mortal. Thersites is called the most horrible of the Greeks by Odysseus in Book 2. Thersites is the Greek man who takes it upon himself to criticize Agamemnon. For this, Odysseus beats him with Agamemnon's scepter.


Greek, mortal. Machaon is a co-leader from Thessaly.


Trojan, mortal, son of Antenor. Agenor dies in the melee at the end of Book 4.


A deity, mother of Aphrodite. Aphrodite flees to Dione when she is wounded in Book 5.


Greek, mortal. The name given to the two men named Ajax (Telamon and Oilean) when they are referred to together.

Strife (Eris):

Trojan supporter, a deity. This god is identified as the sister of Ares in Book 4. Her Greek name is Eris.


: One of the three major names used to refer to the Greeks in the Iliad. The other two are the Danaans and the Argives. None of these names can be translated as 'the Greeks', because the Greek word for this concept was Hellenes.

Thoas (1)

Greek, mortal. The Achaean Thoas is a commander of the Aetolians.

Thoas (2)

Trojan, mortal. The Trojan Thoas is wounded by Menelaus in Book 16.

Thoas (3)

Trojan, mortal. This Thoas is the King of Lemnos mentioned only in passing in Book 14.


Trojan, mortal, son-in-law to Priam. Imbrius is Priam's son-in-law from a nearby region who is killed by Teucer in book 13.

Pisander (1)

Trojan, mortal. Pisander is killed by Agamemnon in Book 11.

Pisander (2)

Trojan, mortal. Another Trojan killed by Menelaus in book 13.

Pisander (3)

Greek, mortal. A commander of the Myrmidons.


A deity, brother of Death. This god is featured chiefly in Hera's betrayal of Zeus in Book 14. He is the 'twin-brother of death' because sleep is the closest state to death.


Trojan, mortal. Podes is killed by Menelaus in Book 17.

Polydorus (1)

Trojan, mortal, brother of Hector. The Trojan Polydorus is killed by Achilles. This spurs Polydorus' brother, Hector, to attack Achilles.

Polydorus (2)

Greek, mortal. An adversary whom Nestor beat in the spear throw when he was younger.


Trojan, mortal, son of Priam. Lycaon is killed by Achilles.


Trojan, mortal, father of Priam. Laomedon is the old King of Troy.


Trojan, mortal, wife of Priam, mother of Hector and Paris. Hecuba is the strong matriarch of Troy who shares in the burdens of war with her husband and sons.


Greek, mortal. A captain from Thessaly.


Greek, mortal. The boxing champion in Patroclus' funeral games.


Greek, mortal. A captain from Argos.

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