CGS2060 Exam2 TF4 vocab part 4

16 terms by Wackie

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Technology in Focus: Under the Hood Making CPUs Even Faster pages 358-361

Moores Law

says every 18 months the number of transistors on a processor will double, by a guy named Gordan ____


a technoque that allows the CPU to work on more than one instruction (or stage of processing) at a time, thereby boosting CPU performance

design decisions

number of stages in a pipeline depends entirely on _______ ________.

Intel Pentium 4

with hyperthreading featured a 31-stage pipeline

PowerPC G5

used a 10-stage pipeline


there is a _______ to pipelining: it requires more transistors and a more complicated hardware design

Streaming Single Instruction Multiple Data Extensions 3

SIMD Extensions 3

SIMD Extensions 3

abrev. for a CPU chip designed by Intel, adds a special group of 157 commands to the basic instruction set that work to accelerate video, speech, and image processing in the CPU

quad processor design

has 4 completely separate CPU chips on one motherboard; can often later be scaled so can accommodate 4, 6, or even 12 processors

Cray Jaguar supercomputer

has a total of 37,376 independant processors

multi-core processing

a technology promoted by Intel in its Core processor line of chips

dual-core processing

chips with these capabilities have 2 separate parallel paths inside them (almost as fast as 2 separate CPUs)

dual-core processing

especially helpful because antivirus and other security programs often run in the background as you use your system

Intel i7 Extreme Edition

example of a six-core processor

multiprocessor systems

often used when intensive computational problems need to be solved in such areas as computer simulations, video production, and graphics processing

parallel processing

in this there is a large network of computers, with each computer working on a portion of the same problem simultaneously (problem must be one that can be divided)

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