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what is the full name of DNA
Deoxyribo nucleaic acid
what molecules make up the sides of a DNA molecule?
Phosphate; suger molecule
what are the pairs of nitrogen bases in DNA
(Adenine,Thymine) (Cytosine,Guanine)
how are DNA, genes, and chromosomes related
chromosomes carry genes that are made of DNA
why is DNA replication important
because every cell needs a complete set of DNA to survive
nitrogen base
molecules that contain nitrogen and other elements and makes up part of DNA
DNA replication
the process in which and identical copy of DNA strand is formed for a new cell
( MUST DEFINE) inequality
A mathematical sentence that contains less than, greater than, less than or equal to, greater than or equal to, or not equal
An equation that is true for every value of the variable
a measure of how much surface enclosed by a figure
An equation that shows a relationship among certain quantities
The distance around a figure
empty set
when an equation has no solution
what are the four inequalities
addition subtraction multiplecation and the division property
6n - 18 = 4 ( n = 2 )
6n - 18 = 4 ( n = 2 )
6n - 18 = 4n + 8
-4n -4n
2n - 18 = 8
+18 +18
2n = 24
2 2
n = 12