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Who is Mr. Fitzgibbon?
He is the man who owns the farm where Mrs. Frisby and her family live in the winter
Where is Mrs. Frisby's winter home?
In a buried cinderblock in Mr. Fitzgibbon's vegetable garden
What did Mrs. Frisby find in the hollow stump?
A winter supply of food that had been left behind
Who are Mrs. Frisby's children?
Teresa, Martin, Cynthia, and Timothy
At the beginning of the story, how many weeks are there until Moving Day?
Two weeks to three weeks
Who did Mrs. Frisby think was the "smartest and most thoughtful" of her children?
A hypochrondriac is someone who imagines he has an illness that he really does not have. Who does the author say can be a bit like a hypochrondriac?
When Timothy was seriously ill, what sort of things did he do to make his family say his high fever made him delirious?
He had nightmares and shouted out in his sleep about monsters and cats
Why did Mrs. Frisby go to Mr. Ages?
She hoped he would be able to help Timothy get better
Timothy had been taken to Mr. Ages when Mr. Frisby had been alive. Why did they have to take him that time?
He had been bitten by a spider
Describe Mr. Ages fur.
Gray/white and it appeared to glow
What was Mr. Ages' diagnosis of Timothy's illness?
Why did Mrs. Frisby not want to go home from Mr. Ages' house the same route she came?
That would have her traveling through the forest in the dark when nocturnal animals would be hunting for food
Who is Dragon?
Mr. Fitzgibbon's cat
Why did Jeremy pick up the string that became caught on the fence?
It was shiny
How did Jeremy save Mrs. Frisby?
He had her climb on his back and they were able to escape just as Dragon leaped towards the spot they were.
Jeremy tells Mrs. Frisby that he is in debt to her. What did he mean by that?
He was saying that since Mrs. Frisby saved his life, he felt like he needed to pay her back by helping her is she ever needed help.
Why must Mrs. Frisby leave the vegetable garden each spring and move to the edge of the pasture by the brook?
Mr. Fitzgibbon will be plowing up the garden for planting and that includes her home
What advice of her late husband does Mrs. Frisby remember?
"All doors are hard to unlock until you have the key."
Mrs. Frisby gets a 5 day break from Moving Day because why?
The tractor has to have a new part and it will take 5 days for it to come.
On the day Mrs. Frisby first hears the tractor, two unusual things happen. What were they?
Dragon did not chase her even though he appeared to be looking right at her. And she saw rats moving in columns (like soldiers?) between the house and the barn.
When does Jeremy say is the time to go see owl?
At dusk when he comes out to watch the dark come in
Where does Jeremy take Mrs. Frisby?
To see owl
What scary thing must Mrs. Frisby do to talk to the owl?
Go inside his nest
At first the owl can think of no feasible way to solve Mrs. Frisby's problem, but then something makes him change his mind suddenly. What was that?
When she said her name and that she was the widow of Jonathan Frisby, he took a renewed interest in the problem.
Where is the main entrance to the rats' home?
Under the rosebush
Who is the sentry at the door of the rats' home?
Who is Mrs. Frisby supposed to tell Justin she is there to see?
What does the owl suggest the rats do to solve Mrs. Frisby's problem?
Move the house into the lee of the stone
Why does the owl understand how hard it is to move?
His tree is getting old and he knows it may topple at some point, but he still cannot bring himself to leave his nest.
What does Jeremy say "lee" means?
The calm side - protected from the wind
How had the rats camouflaged the entrance to their burrow?
There were thorny branches that were intertwined, making it difficult to find a path through the bush
When Brutus refuses to let Mrs. Frisby in the burrow, she turns to leave, but meets up with someone on the path who helps her. Who is that?
Mr. Ages
What did Mrs. Frisby have to promise before being allowed into the rats' burrow?
Name three surprising things the rats have in their burrows that ordinarily would be found only in the human world.
Windows of colored glass; carpet; elevator; library;books; blackboard and chalk
About three feet down the rats' dark tunnel, Mrs. Frisby is suddenly amazed by what first indication of the rats' advanced civilization?
Electric lights
What was one distinctive physical feature of Nicodemus?
He wore an eye patch and had a scar across his left eye
What was written on the blackboard in the library where Mrs. Frisby waited for the meeting to end?
The Plan of the Rats of NIMH
What did Mr. Frisby teach Mrs. Frisby?
How to read and about electricity
Who does Isabella say Jenner is?
Another rat who was in their group, but quit
What does Isabella say the Plan is?
It is the plan for where they will move to live
Why doesn't Isabella's mother like the plan?
She says it will be too hard with no electricity, refrigerator, or running water.
What did Nicodemus say the owl meant when he said move the house to the lee of the stone?
Move it so that it is on the sheltered side of the rock - in one of the triangles on either end that would not get plowed by the tractor.
What must be done to Dragon before the house can be moved?
A sleeping powder needs to be put in his food so he would be too drowsy to care about the rats' activity.
Why can't the rats put the sleeping powder in Dragon's bowl in the Fitzgibbon's kitchen but mice can?
The space they use to enter the kitchen is too shallow for a rat, but a mouse is just the right size.
How did the men from NIMH capture the rats in the market place?
They set a trap (a mound of food) that lured the rats to a spot where they could capture them in nets.
Who were Dr. Schultz's helpers?
George and Julie
What were the three groups the rats and mice were put into?
Groups A, B, & C
What were the rodents given in groups A & B?
Injections of series A and B
Why was Dr. Schultz experimenting on the rodents?
He hoped to find something that could help them learn faster. If it worked on the rats, maybe it could be used to help humans learn faster
What did the scientists use to test the rodents at first?
A maze
Who was the first rat to try to make an escape?
What were the injections doing to the rats?
Enabling them to learn and understand more than any rat before
What happened to the rats in Group C (the control group)?
They grew old, sickly, and died.
What did the rodents use to escape NIMH?
The air ducts
Who called to Nicodemus to ask the rats to open his cage?
Jonathan Frisby
Right before they escaped, who pointed out that they were no longer normal rats and probably did not want to go back to the sewers to live?
What did the rats take into the air duct to help them find the route out of NIMH?
A screwdriver and spool of thread
What did Nicodemus lose during the first two years after the rats' escape?
His eye
What identifying mark did Nicodemus have?
A scar on his face
What was the first place the rats decided to live after escaping?
found a well-stocked mansion with no one living in it
How did Mrs. Frisby's children feel about the rats helping them?
They did not understand why the rats wanted to help them.
What did the rats do all winter at the mansion?
Read books and practiced writing
What does Justin show Mrs. Frisby in the cave that he says is their most important invention, the key to The Plan?
A plow
What was the whole idea of The Plan?
To live without stealing
The rats decided to find a cave they would have to go where?
Into the mountains
Why did the rats want to find a place near a farm in the mountains?
The needed the grain that the farm would have stored to start their new life.
The rats find a truck hidden in the woods. To whom does it belong?
A peddler
What did the rats do with the truck they found?
They took items like tools and motors that could be useful to them
How did the rats start working out The Plan?
They began watching Mr. Fitzgibbon to learn farming and gathered and read magazines and books on farming
Why were the toy tinker's tools so special to the rats?
Since they were designed to work on toys, they were just the right size for the rats
What did the rats need to make the items from the peddler's truck useful?
What two resources do the rats steal on a regular basis from Farmer Fitzgibbon that allow them to live almost like humans?
Electricity and water
What did the injections the rats received cause that could have been difficult for Mrs. Frisby and her husband?
The injections allowed the rodents to live longer, so Jonathan would not have aged, yet she would have lived a normal mouse life span.
What was the "last straw" for Jenner that made him leave the burrow?
The decision to destroy all their machines in the burrow
Why did Nicodemus think they must destroy the machines in the burrow?
If anyone discovered the burrow they would think it was just a junk pile. Also, destroying everything would remove the temptation to go back if things do not go well in Thorn Valley.
As Mrs. Frisby is running across the Fitzgibbon's floor what does Billy drop over her?
A colander
What does Mrs. Frisby overhear from Mr. Fitzgibbon concerning seven rats in a hardware store?
The rats had gotten electrocuted trying to steal motors
What is one important reason Mrs. Frisby needs to get out the cage?
She needs to warn Nicodemus of the men coming looking for rats.
Who came to rescue Mrs. Frisby from the cage?
What sort of tools did the rats use to move Mrs. Frisby's home?
Pulleys, scaffolding, ropes, hooks, metal bars, rollers
What did the rats to to hide the fact that they have been digging around the big stone in the garden?
The covered the spot with turf
How did the rats find out about the doctor from NIMH looking for them?
Mrs. Frisby told them
Who do the rats think were the rats who had died in the hardware store?
Jenner and his friends who had left the burrow.
Even though the rats are going to move on to Thorn Valley to escape the gas being pumped in their burrow, they decide to leave a few behind. Why?
They think the men might be suspicious if they find the burrow completely empty
What did the men pump in to the burrow to scare the rats out?
Poisonous gas
What did the men find when they dug into the burrow?
Garbage and two dead rats
Mrs. Frisby finds two friends when the men are gone after destroying the burrow. Who were they?
Brutus and Mr. Ages
Who does Teresa think was one of the rats who died?