15 terms

Chpt 7

If you are engaged in your classes, you are:
reading, listening, taking good notes
Which of the following is not a recommended way of preparing for class?
sitting next to your best friend
Which of the following is not a "Rule of Engagement" in the classroom?
talking in class
Experts estimate that students spend_percent of their time listening to lectures:
According to the text, gestures that indicate importance during a lecture are:
a raised index finger, leaning forward, walking up the aisle
According to the text, the four stages of focused listening are:
When you are listening to chit-chat and emotionally charged situations, you are engaged in:
soft listening
When you are listening to new information or om someone trying to persuade you something, you are engaged in:
hard listening
When your instructor helps you discover new information on your own, the instructor is acting as a/an:
The lecturer who uses extensive discipline-specific jargon is the:
Content-Intensive Lecturer
According to the text,__ percent of students edit their notes after class.
The Cornell system of note taking encourages you to write key words and questions on the __ of the page.
left side
Mind maps are a good note-taking method for __ learners:
If you miss class and your instructor provides e-support for the in-class slides, you can use the __ method of note-taking.
PowerPoint miniatures
The process of typing your notes out later is best defined as: