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  1. weather
  2. climate
  3. subtropical climate
  4. precipitation
  5. leeward
  1. a the side away from the wind
  2. b the condition of the air at a given place and time
  3. c the average weather conditions over a period of time
  4. d how much rain, sleet, snow that falls from the sky
  5. e summers are hot and humid or very moist. Winters are mild

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  1. a group of rivers that are joined together
  2. a climate like that of countries near the Mediterranean Sea with mild wet winters and hot dry summers
  3. to make suitable or fit: adjust
  4. an area of rich land at the mouth of a river
  5. very moist

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  1. steppe climatehas very hot summers and ver cold winters with little precipitation


  2. hydroelectricpower created by running water


  3. Tropic of Canceran imaginary line that lies 23.5 degrees south of the equator


  4. basinvery moist


  5. windwardthe side from which the wind is blowing