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  1. highland climate
  2. leeward
  3. subtropical climate
  4. climate
  5. sheets
  1. a the higher up the mountains the colder it is
  2. b the average weather conditions over a period of time
  3. c the side away from the wind
  4. d mass of glacier ice that covers surrounding terrain and is greater than 50,000 km
  5. e summers are hot and humid or very moist. Winters are mild

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  1. a climate from southeast Alaska to California that has mild, cloudy summers and wet winters
  2. a smaller river that flows into a larger one
  3. an area of rich land at the mouth of a river
  4. a climate like that of countries near the Mediterranean Sea with mild wet winters and hot dry summers
  5. large slow-moving sheets of ice

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  1. sea levelthe condition of the air at a given place and time


  2. tropicsthe depression formed from the impact of a meteorite


  3. river systema group of rivers that are joined together


  4. hydroelectricpower created by running water


  5. cratersthe depression formed from the impact of a meteorite