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  1. If two organizations pool markets and expertise that result in lower costs and generate profits it is often referred to as creating
    A) a value web.
    B) a value chain.
    C) synergies.
    D) core competencies.
  2. A(n) ________ is an activity at which a firm excels as a world-class leader.
  3. Which of the following can force a business and its competitors to compete on price alone?
    A) transparent marketplace
    B) high product differentiation
    C) poor process efficiency
    D) demand control
  4. The emergence, for, of new competitors in the sphere of online shopping illustrates what disadvantage posed by the use of information systems to achieve competitive advantage?
    A) E-commerce is affected by the law of diminishing returns.
    B) Internet technologies are universal, and therefore usable by all companies.
    C) Internet shopping produces cost transparency.
    D) The Internet enables the production or sales of substitute products or services.
  1. a C
  2. b A
  3. c B
  4. d core competency

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  1. D
  2. Product differentiation
  3. A
  4. FALSE
  5. value web

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  1. The primary activities of a firm include
    A) inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, sales and marketing, and service.
    B) inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, technology, and service.
    C) procurement, inbound logistics, operations, technology, and outbound logistics.
    D) procurement, operations, technology, sales and marketing, and services.


  2. The use of Internet technologies allows companies to more easily sustain competitive advantage.


  3. When a firm provides a specialized product or service for a narrow target market better than competitors, they are using a ________ strategy.
    A) product differentiation
    B) market niche
    C) mass customization
    D) process efficiency


  4. Customers are one of the competitive forces that affect an organization's ability to compete.


  5. Mass customization is a form of mass production.