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Inside the Earth Ch 4 Vocab

The machine that detects the vibrations (seismic waves) in the earth that come from earthquakes
The central part of the Earth below the mantle
The layer of rock between the Earth's crust and core
This element from the periodic table makes up the core of the Earth.
The thin and solid outermost layer of the Earth above the mantle....the layer we walk on
The "strong", lower part of the mantle between the asthenosphere and the outer core...which should be a liquid, but pressure keeps it a solid
The solid, outer layer of the Earth which we walk on that consists of the crust and the rigid upper part of the mantle
seismic waves
Vibrations that pulse through the Earth after an earthquake
tectonic plate
A moving block of lithosphere that consists of the crust and some of the upper mantle
The "plastic" layer of the mantle under the lithosphere on which the tectonic plates move
The single "super" continent that existed 245 million years ago (The name means "all earth" in Greek)
continental drift
The hypothesis that states that the continents once formed a single landmass, broke up, and drifted to their present locations
Alfred Wegener
Person who looked at the continents and said that they fit together like a puzzle. He proposed the idea of continental drift.
magnetic reversal
The magnetic poles change places through the course of history and this is recorded in the rocks
sea-floor spreading
An example of a divergent boundary where new oceanic crust forms as magma rises toward the surface and solidifies under the ocean
transform boundary
The boundary between tectonic plates that are sliding past each other horizontally
convergent boundary
The boundary that is formed when two tectonic plates slide toward each other...."Come together"
plate tectonics
The theory that explains how large pieces of the Earth's outermost layer, called tectonic plates, move and change shape
convection currents
Hot rock from deep within the Earth rises while cooler rock near the surface sinks...lava lamp
divergent boundary
The boundary between two tectonic plates that are moving away from each other..."The poooooor dog"
5 Layers of the Earth
LAMOI -- Lithosphere, Asthenosphere, Mesosphere, Outer Core, Inner Core
3 Main Structures of the Earth
Crust, Mantle, Core
Magnetic Field
This is made by the movement of the iron at the core of the Earth. It protects us from harmful radiation of the Sun.
evidence for continental drift (3 ideas)
-similar fossils, rocks, and climates on different continents