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What did the ancient Aztec civilization have that the Maya civilization lacked?

A single controlling authority.

Mayan city-states were urbanized. What might you find in a urban area?

Lots of people living close together.

What era of European history coincided with the height of the Mayan civilization?

The Dark Ages

Which term best describes the relationships between neighboring Mayan city-states?


The ancient Mayans believed that their ancestors originally came from:

The Pleiades star cluster

A Mayan stele would most likely contain:

A story of a major battle

While exploring an ancient Mayan temple, you see the following symbols carved into a wall. What might they represent?

Tally of dried goods created in a particular year.

The function of a Mayan step pyramid was most similar to:

A church or synagogue

Which of the following natural occurrences would probably be most interesting to a Mayan priest?

An unusual alignment of the planets.

What did the ancient Mayans have in common with the ancient Greeks?

A writing system

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