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epithelial tissue

The tissue that always has an apical surface is __________


Many types of epithelial cells perform the function of __________

occluding junction

The __________ stops materials from moving between cells across an epithelium.


Epithelial cells with important transport functions such as absorption and secretion often bear __________ on their free surfaces.

epithelial tissue

The tissue that always has a "top" and a "bottom" is


Epithelial cells exhibit modifications that adapt them for

supporting muscle cells.

Functions of epithelia include all of the following, except
providing physical protection.
supporting muscle cells.
producing specialized secretions.
controlling permeability.


Dead skin cells are shed in thin sheets because they are held together by "spots" of proteoglycan reinforced by intermediate filaments. Such strong intercellular connections are called

a basal lamina

Epithelium is connected to underlying connective tissue by

They cover surfaces subjected to mechanical or chemical stress.

Which of the following statements about simple epithelia is false?
They cover surfaces subjected to mechanical or chemical stress.
They line internal compartments and passageways.
They afford little mechanical protection.
They are characteristic of regions where secretion or absorption occurs.
They are avascular.

divide continually to produce new epithelial cells.

Germinative cells

exhibit polarity.

Cells that are specialized for secretion

lining blood vessels

Simple squamous epithelium is found __________

transitional epithelium

The urinary bladder is lined by __________


The most common cell type in dense regular connective tissue is the __________


An epithelium whose cells are taller than they are wide is known as a __________ epithelium.

heart and blood vessels

Mesothelium is to the body cavities as endothelium is to the

simple squamous

The epithelia that line body cavities and blood vessels are classified as

forming the kidney tubules

Simple cuboidal epithelium is found

lining the stomach

Simple columnar epithelia are found

lining the urinary bladder

Transitional epithelium is found

simple squamous epithelium

The heart and blood vessels are lined by


You would find pseudostratified columnar epithelium lining the

attach skeletal muscles to bones

Tendons are cords of dense regular connective tissue that

decreased melanocyte activity

Hair turns gray or white due to

external auditory canal

Ceruminous glands are modified sweat glands located in the


The process of beta-oxidation is related to which of the following molecules

nervous tissue

Dendrites and axons are associated with

muscle tissue

Skeletal, smooth, and cardiac refer to types of

simple columnar epithelium

Microvilli are found on which types of cells in the lining of the intestine?

essential fatty acids

Linoleic acid, linolenic acid, and arachidonic acid are examples of


The cell extension that assists epithelial cells in absorption is

liver and excreted in the kidneys

In the metabolism of protein the byproduct urea is formed in the

levels of melanin synthesis

Differences in skin color between individuals and races reflect distinct


The regulation of salts, water, and organic wastes by integumentary glands is accomplished by:

are taller and slender and the nuclei are crowded into a narrow band close to the basement membrane

The major structural difference between columnar epithelia and cuboidal epithelia is that the columnar epithelia:


The process of splitting glycogen is called

stratum corneum

Which skin layer is called the barrier area?


An increased blood sugar level stimulates which of the following to occur?

connects the dermis to underlying tissues

The hypodermis

synthesis of B vitamins

Which of these functions is NOT associated with the skin?

is connective tissue and the epidermis is epithelial tissue.

In the skin, the dermis:

striated voluntary muscle

Summarizing the structural and functional properties of skeletal muscle tissues, it can be considered:

epithelial, connective, muscle, neural

The four primary tissue types found in the human body are:


Which is not a function of epithelial tissue?

germinativum, spinosum, granulosum, corneum

The layers of the epidermis, beginning with the deepest layer and proceeding outwardly, include the stratum:

severe pain, generalized swelling, and edema

A second-degree burn is characterized by:


The subcutaneous layer that separates the integument from the deep fascia around other organs is the:

stratum granulosum

Which is the skin layer where the process of keratinization begins?

epithelial tissue

Sheets of this type of tissue line the mouth, respiratory tract, and the reproductive tract.


The body's temperature control center is located in the


The preferred energy fuel of the body is

arrector pili

Special smooth muscles in the dermis that, when contracted, produce "goose bumps" are called:

skeletal muscle

Which tissue is described by the terms striated and voluntary?

papillary region

Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin that primarily involves the:

the melanocytes grow rapidly and metastasize through the lymphatic system

Malignant melanomas are extremely dangerous and life threatening because


The specific type of epithelial tissue; found in stretchy organs like the urinary bladder

liver disease

Yellow discoloration in skin is seen in patients who have

stratum germinativum

Psoriasis is a skin disorder in which there is abnormal increased mitotic activity in the:


The Kreb Cycle takes place in the:

it occurs in the mitochondria

Which of the following is not true of glycolysis?

the process of glycolysis in the cytoplasm and the TCA Cycle in the mitochondria

The utilization of carbohydrates in the cell as an energy source involves:

circulatory supply and pigment concentration and composition

The two basic factors interacting to produce skin color are:

epidermis and dermis

The two components of the cutaneous membrane are the:

connect one bone to another bone

Ligaments are bundles of elastic and collagen fibers that:


When the skin is deprived of blood flow and oxygen, it takes on a bluish coloration called:


The process of deamination is important in the utilization of which molecule for an energy source

epithelial tissue

Which type of tissue is described as squamous, cuboidal, and columnar?


The type of tissue that fills internal spaces and provides structural support and a framework for communication within the body is:

a decrease in the elastic fiber network of the dermis

Sagging and wrinkling of the integument occurs from:

plasma (intravascular), interstitial fluid, and lymphatic

The three major subdivisions of the extracellular fluid in the body are:

store energy reserves for use when nutrient supplies are low

Which of these is not a function or characteristic of epithelial tissues?

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