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The fact that disorders such as schizophrenia are universal and influenced by heredity, whereas other disorders such as anorexia nervosa are culture-bound provides evidence for the ____________ model of psychological disorders


Both the inseparability of mind and body and he interaction of nature and nurture are most clearly emphasized by the _________ approach


A biopsychosocial approach to substance abuse would be most likely to emphasize the similarities between substance abuse disorders and ___________ disorders


The ability of mental health professionals to quickly communicate the characteristics of their patients' complex symptoms is most clearly facilitated by the use of ________

Diagnostic Labels

The symptoms of __________ are likely to appear at an earlier age than the symptoms of __________.

Antisocial personality; schizophrenia

Although Mrs. Petrides usually sits passively in a motionless stupor, she sometimes repetitiously shakes her head or waves her arms. She most likely suffers from _________ schizophrenia.


Janet, whose class presentation is titled "Current Views on the Causes of Schizophrenia" concludes her talk with the statement "Genes may _________ some people to react to particular _______ by developing __________"

predispose; experiences; schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is most likely to be associated with....

A shrinkage of CEREBRAL TISSUE

Jabar, a 25-year-old mechanic, thinks he is Napoleon. He further believes he is being imprisoned against his will in the psychiatric hospital where his relatives have brought him for treatment. Jabar is most likely stuttering from _________ schizophrenia.


Hearing voices would be a ________; believing that you are Napoleon would be a ________

Hallucination; delusion

One way for people to break the vicious cycle of depression is to...

Participate more often in activities they consider pleasant and rewarding

After several weeks of feeling apathetic and dissatisfied with his life, Mark has suddenly become extremely cheerful and so talkative he can't be interrupted. He seems to need less sleep and becomes irritated when his friends tell him to slow down. Mark's behavior is indicative of _________ disorder

Bipolar disorder

Drugs that alleviate MANIA tend to reduce levels of the neurotransmitter ________


Norby, an 18-year-old first-year University student, has missed always all of his classes during the past month. He spends most of his time in his bedroom, frequently not even bothering to get dressed or eat meals. He thinks his whole life has been a failure and blames himself for being a social misfit. Norby is most likely suffering from.....

Major Depressive Disorder

Gender differences in depression are least noticeable among __________ ___________

Preadolescent Children

ADHA is most clearly characterized by.....


One facet of the positive psychology movement has been the introduction of a classification system designed to aid in the process of.....

Assessing Human Strengths

Ongoing patterns of behavior that are different from those of most other people in your culture are best characterized as.....


Our early ancestors commonly attributed disordered behavior to ______ _______

Evil spirits

Judicial systems are responsible for making decisions regarding _______


Schizophrenia usually appears during ____________ or early ____________

Adolescence ; Adulthood

Schizophrenia occurs more frequently in people born in _________ and _________ months

Winter ; Spring

Schizophrenia occurs _________ frequently as infectious disease rates have declined


Research on the causes of schizophrenia strongly suggests that....

There is a genetic predisposition

Those who suffer from schizophrenia are likely to experience __________, ___________ and ________

hallucinations, word salad, and delusions

Among schizophrenia patients, the fluid-filled areas of the brain are .....

Abnormally large and the thalamus is abnormally small

Cocaine may __________ symptoms of schizophrenia by _______________ dopamine levels.

increase; increasing

Failures are most likely to lead to depression if they are explained in terms that are ________, ________, and _________

internal, stable, and GLOBAL

Research regarding depression indicates that......

with each new generation, depression is increasing in its prevalence

Compared to men, women are much likely to be diagnosed as suffering from _________


Suicide rates in the US are ________ among the Whites and Blacks and ________ among men than women.

higher; higher

Some psychological disorders occur primarily in one culture. However, _____________ occurs worldwide.


The symptoms of ____________ are likely to appear at an earlier age than the symptoms of ___________

antisocial personality; schizophrenia

Larry has difficulty organizing his daily schedule. He often makes careless mistakes or fails to complete things because he is easily distracted. Larry has ......

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Evidence of environmental effects of psychological disorders is seen in the fact that certain disorders, such as ___________, are universal, whereas others, such as ___________, are culture-bound.

Depression; Anorexia Nervosa

13-year-old Ronald constantly fidgets in his sea at school, frequently blurts out answers without being called on, and is very distractible. A psychiatrist might diagnose Ronald with __________

Attention-Deficit hyperactivity disorder

Evidence suggests that ______________ contributes to schizophrenia

prenatal viral infections

Seeing one-eyed monsters would be a(n) ____________. Believing that you are Jesus Christ would be a __________.

Hallucination; Delusion

________ __________ is generally accepted as being a possible cause of schizophrenia.

Genetic predisposition

Vigorous activity in this thalamus of schizophrenia patients has been four to be associated with ______________ (hallucination)

Hearing voices

Prof. Pott emphasizes that normal depression serves an adaptive function by slowing people down and preventing them from engaging in life-threatening behaviors. The professor's emphasis best illustrates the __________ perspective.


When failures are __________, ____________ and _________ they are most likely to lead to depression.

internal, stable, and global

To identify genes that put people at risk for depression, researchers have used _________ analysis


One difficult with a purely attributional explanation of depression is that negative attributions may be a _________ rather than a ________ of depression.

Consequence; cause

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