Human Rights

Amnesty International
an organization in 1961 to ensure that people's human rights around the world were respected
human rights
privileges/opportunities that is due to a person by birth, law, or tradition
h.r. are to be granted to all people
h.r. are dependent on context
primary document
resource that is closest to the topic, author, or the issue; original ideas about something
Cyrus the Great
founder of the Persian Empire; proclaimed all people should be able to choose their own religion, and establish racial equality
Cyrus Cylinder
first documentation of human rights
Enlightenment/Age of Reason
reexamined the world and its practices particularly with ethics/morality
Free the Children
an organization that works against child labor; build schools, provide clean water to families, and help women start businesses
the countries would be able to govern themselves as opposed to being governed by a foreign ruler
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
a document outlining a number of rights that all people are born with
Eleanor Roosevelt
head of the United Nations Human Rights Commission and helped to draft the human rights declaration
human trafficking
the act of taking people through force, fraud, or deception in order to exploit them
systematic killing of a large number of killing
transitional justice
a response to large-scale human rights violations that happen within a country
martin luther king
equality for all races (esp. black) in Amnesty civil rights movement
non-violent resistance against British, helped Indian Independence movement, inspired other non-violent movements, helped bring equal rights to the Untouchables
Desmond Tutu
established Truth and Reconciliation Commission; got blacks and whites to talk about horrors that happened during Apartheid