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  1. DDT
  2. clinical depression
  3. 3.5 billion to present
  4. melanin
  5. 15-44
  1. a What environmental factor may have caused a decline in peregrine falcons?
  2. b chronic, chemically based, can occur for no reason, biological disease
  3. c evolution of all forms of life
  4. d a pigment that gives skin its color
  5. e depression is the leading cause of disability among U.S. adults from what ages?

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  1. Published the origin of Species and the theory of evolution
  2. xanax, valium, rohypnol
  3. where are gypsy moths from?
  4. what arrived in Alabama on a boat from South America in the 1930?
  5. when did the domestication process begin?

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  1. 3-5%how much percent of water is available to drink?


  2. 225 millionpangaea


  3. painkillersa disease caused by a deficiency in vitamin d


  4. 4.6 billion yearshow old is the universe?


  5. .13 million yearshow old is the universe?


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