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  1. asia
  2. 80%
  3. melanoma
  4. it has been gone for 50 years
  5. Charles Darwin
  1. a deadliest type of skin cancer
  2. b what percent of people diagnosed with depression do not seek help?
  3. c how do we know if something is extinct?
  4. d where are gypsy moths from?
  5. e Published the origin of Species and the theory of evolution

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  1. the most commonly taken type of prescription drug
  2. invented in the 1940s to get rid of pests and as a miracle for farmers that was safe to use on plants and crops
  3. the variety of all the genes, species, and natural communities that exist within a particular place
  4. when bee keepers in brazil crossed the european honeybee with the african honeybee the african queens escaped and hybridized in the wild to form this...
  5. a pigment that gives skin its color

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  1. EPAwhat banned DDT in 1972?


  2. Copernican viewthe church's belief that the earth was the center of the universe


  3. good plants for diets, for medically important proteins, and to be pest resistantthe bad about genetically engineered plants?


  4. depressantsxanax, valium, rohypnol


  5. skinprotects internal organs and tissues from exposure to pathogens, and prevents water loss