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  1. it has been gone for 50 years
  2. ardi
  3. DDT
  4. less than 3%
  5. 80%
  1. a what percent of people diagnosed with depression do not seek help?
  2. b how much of the earth's water is fresh?
  3. c 4.4 million year old ancestor of humans
    found in ethiopia
  4. d What environmental factor may have caused a decline in peregrine falcons?
  5. e how do we know if something is extinct?

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  1. the bad about genetically engineered plants?
  2. how much percent of water is available to drink?
  3. depression is the leading cause of disability among U.S. adults from what ages?
  4. Published the origin of Species and the theory of evolution
  5. how many people ages 5 years old and older are on antidepressants?

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  1. skinprotects internal organs and tissues from exposure to pathogens, and prevents water loss


  2. .13 million yearswhen homo sapiens arise


  3. ricketsa disease caused by a deficiency in vitamin d


  4. Fire antswhat arrived in Alabama on a boat from South America in the 1930?


  5. asia4.4 million year old ancestor of humans
    found in ethiopia