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  1. less than 3%
  2. painkillers
  3. mimicry
  4. 3.5 billion to present
  5. 27 million
  1. a oxycontin, hydrocodone, morphine,
  2. b how much of the earth's water is fresh?
  3. c an example of coevolution
  4. d evolution of all forms of life
  5. e how many people ages 5 years old and older are on antidepressants?

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  1. what was brought from Europe to North America for honey production?
  2. chronic, chemically based, can occur for no reason, biological disease
  3. how old is the universe?
  4. reactive, emotional, eventually recover, psychological disorder.
  5. invented in the 1940s to get rid of pests and as a miracle for farmers that was safe to use on plants and crops

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  1. 225 millionpangaea


  2. UV-Bdoes not cause sunburn, reaches deeper into the skin and contributes to wrinkles and may increase risk of melanomas


  3. Fire antswhat arrived in Alabama on a boat from South America in the 1930?


  4. skinprotects internal organs and tissues from exposure to pathogens, and prevents water loss


  5. 80%how much percent of water is available to drink?