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  1. good plants for diets, for medically important proteins, and to be pest resistant
  2. 8-12 billion years
  3. honeybees
  4. .7%
  5. 27 million
  1. a what was brought from Europe to North America for honey production?
  2. b how old is the universe?
  3. c how much percent of water is available to drink?
  4. d how many people ages 5 years old and older are on antidepressants?
  5. e What is good about genetically engineered plants?

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  1. reactive, emotional, eventually recover, psychological disorder.
  2. how much of the earth's water is fresh?
  3. what arrived in Alabama on a boat from South America in the 1930?
  4. Published the origin of Species and the theory of evolution
  5. protects internal organs and tissues from exposure to pathogens, and prevents water loss

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  1. dogthe first domesticated animal.


  2. antidepressantsthe most commonly taken type of prescription drug


  3. 3.5 billion to presentevolution of all forms of life


  4. melanina pigment that gives skin its color


  5. ricketswhat arrived in Alabama on a boat from South America in the 1930?