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  1. DDT
  2. melanoma
  3. honeybees
  4. painkillers
  5. 27 million
  1. a invented in the 1940s to get rid of pests and as a miracle for farmers that was safe to use on plants and crops
  2. b deadliest type of skin cancer
  3. c what was brought from Europe to North America for honey production?
  4. d how many people ages 5 years old and older are on antidepressants?
  5. e oxycontin, hydrocodone, morphine,

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  1. species in food webs have evolved together so they are dependent on the presence of each other
  2. how many species go extinct annually?
  3. does not cause sunburn, reaches deeper into the skin and contributes to wrinkles and may increase risk of melanomas
  4. what arrived in Alabama on a boat from South America in the 1930?
  5. xanax, valium, rohypnol

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  1. Ptolemaic systemGalileo's theory that the sun was the center of the universe


  2. DDTthe first domesticated animal.


  3. ardiwhere are gypsy moths from?


  4. .7%how much percent of water is available to drink?


  5. 157 gallonshow much does an average FW resident use water?