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  1. Charles Darwin
  2. melanin
  3. antidepressants
  4. it has been gone for 50 years
  5. 15-44
  1. a depression is the leading cause of disability among U.S. adults from what ages?
  2. b the most commonly taken type of prescription drug
  3. c a pigment that gives skin its color
  4. d how do we know if something is extinct?
  5. e Published the origin of Species and the theory of evolution

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  1. species in food webs have evolved together so they are dependent on the presence of each other
  2. does not cause sunburn, reaches deeper into the skin and contributes to wrinkles and may increase risk of melanomas
  3. what banned DDT in 1972?
  4. evolution of all forms of life
  5. how old is bacteria?

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  1. 157 gallonshow many people ages 5 years old and older are on antidepressants?


  2. stimulantsritalin, adderall, cocaine


  3. melanomadeadliest type of skin cancer


  4. 8-12 billion yearshow old is the universe?


  5. biodiversitytake a gene from an animal or plant and insert it into an agricultural plant. -> the engineered agricultural plant makes the protein specified by the inserted gene.