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What characteristic is present in all synapsids?
skull with one opening behind the eye socket
What synapsid gave rise to mammals?
What evidence has been found in early mammals that indicates they were active at night?
large eye sockets
Why did early mammals flourish after the extiction of dinosaurs?
many new habitats were available to them
What is the function of the diagphragm?
allows mammals to breathe more efficiently
What are the major structures of the mammal heart?
right and left atriums, right and left ventricles, septum
What are the three major groups of modern mammals?
monotremes, marsupials, placental mammals
What major group of modern mammals is oviparous and is only found in Australiand New Guinea?
What are two examples of monotremes?
duckbill platypus and echinda
What major group of mammals is viviparous with a short development period in the mother and an external pouch where the young develops to maturity?
What are examples of marsupials?
kangaroo, opossum
What major group of mammals is viviparous with a long development period inside the mother; the young is nourished through the blood supply of the mother?
placental mammal
What are examples of placental mammals?
rats, horses, elephants, moles, bats, monkeys, rabbits, sheep, whales, manatees
What are the characteristics of mammals?
endothermy, hair, four-chambered heart, mammary glands, single lower jawbone, specialized teeth
What are the types of teeth found in mammals and what is the function of each?
incisors-cutting; canines-tearing; premolars-shearing,shred, and grinding; molars-grinding
What is the role of the gnawing mammals in the food chain?
primary consumers that convert plants to meat
Which groups of rodents has a second set of incisor teeth located behind the first set?
rabbits, pikas, hares
Give examples of animals that are considered true rodents because they don't have a second set of incisors.
rats and mice
What is the smallest member of the Rodentia order that we found in the owl pellet?
What is a cloven-hoofed animal?
a deer, bison, elk, antelope which has a hoof that is divided into two parts (toes)
What is an ungulate?
a mammal with hooves
What is a ruminant?
mammals that have a series of four stomach compartments capable of digesting larg amounts of fiber
Give examples of a ungulate.
deer, pronghorns, goats, sheep, horses, cattle
Give examples of ruminants.
cows, sheep, buffalo, goats, deer, elk
What is a pinniped?
an animal that has flippers instead of feet such as a sea lion or a seal.
What term is used to describe an animal that is active at night?
What is the process of locating objects by emitting sounds and interpreting the sound waves that are reflected back?
What mammal uses echolocation?
What is the function of the cecum?
digests cellulose found in plant fibers
What animals are in the order Rodentia?
squirrels, chipmunks, gophers, mice, rats, porcupines
What animals are in the order Edentata?
anteater, armadillo, sloths
What animals are in the order Lagomorpha?
rabbits, hares, pikas
What animals are in the order Insectivora?
shrews, hedgehogs, moles
What animals are in the order Primates?
lemur, monkeys, apes, humans
What animals are in the order Chiroptera?
What animals are in the order Carnivora?
dogs, cats, raccoons, bears, otters, seals, seal lions
What animals are in the order Artiodactyla?
deer, elk, bison, moose, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, camels
What animals are in the order Perissodactyla?
horses, zebra, rhinoceroses, tapirs
What animals are in the order Cetacea?
whales, dolpins, porpoises
What animals are in the order Sirenia?
manatees, dugongs