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what was the american manifest destiny?

to possess all of north america, coast to coast

who did we split Oregon with?


what split the democratic party?

westward expansion

2 biggest groups of immigrants

german and irish

the irish settled where?


the germans settled where?

illinois, missouri, ohio

what religion were the Irish?


the competition for jobs made a animosity between what two groups?

the irish and poor blacks

all irish and germans joined what political party?


1st people to go to the far west

fur trappers and traders

where did the mexicans defeat the texan-americans?

the alamo and the goliad

who led the battle of san jacinto?

sam houston

what happened during the battle of san jacinto?

we captured santa anna and forced him to sign texas over to us

the route people took from the east to oregon and california

overland trail

when harrison died right after being elected, who took his place?

john tyler

who did tyler appoint of his secretary of state?


why did people not trust tylers and calhoun's annexation view?

bc calhoun said it would be a slave state

james polk was a ________


who was the president after john tyler?


where did americans think the mexico border was? what did mexico think?

rio grande; nueces river

who led the americans in the battle of buena vista and won?

zachary taylor

who led the americans in the battle of mexico city and won?

winfield scott

treaty that gave US texas and the US gave mexico 15 million

treaty of guadalupe hidalgo

the wilmot proviso passed in the house of reps but not the _____--


what did the wilmot proviso say?

that there would be no slavery in the territory acquired from Mexico

who is president after polk?

zachary taylor

who makes up the free-soil party?

antislavery democrats joined whigs and liberty party abolitionists

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