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Completing the Sentence Unit 9 Vocab

As we waited through the long night for the arrival of the rescue party, we _________ between hope and despair
However long and hard the struggle, we must be _________ in our efforts to wipe out racism in this country
She may hve great musical talents, but she will get nowhere so long as she has the casual attitude of the __________
The painting shows a restfully ________ scene, with some cows grazing placidly in a meadow as their shepherd dozes under a bush
I had expected a decent tip fromt eh party of six that I waited on early that evening, but all I got was a(n) ________ two bucks!
The scene may seem ordinary to you, but I find it _______ with memories of happy summers spent in these woods
Since Lincoln is now considered a great national hero, it is hard to believe that he was bitterly _______ when he was President
The contractor wa suspected of having acted in ______ with a state official to fix the bids on certain public works contracts.
"The overwhelming victory I have won at the polls, " the Governor-elect said, "has given me a clear ______ to carry out my program."
As a(n) __________ summer sun sank slowly in the west, the skies were ablaze with color.
In a series of searing orations, filled with the most _______ language, Cicero launched the full battery of plitical invective against the hapless Mark Antony.
Every time I sign a new lease on my apartment, my rent goes up, though the ________ are not usually very large.
II thought I was unexcitable, but she is as ________ as teh granite lions in front of the public library
Even the merest _____ in the use of firearms knows that a gun should never be pointed at another person.
Since Lucy had expected no more than polite applause, she was delighted by the _________ she received from the audience
The Pledge of Allegiance is no mere ________ to be recited mechanically and without understanding like some advertising jingle
In my various ____________ through that vast metropolis, I ran across many curious old buildings that the ordinary tourist never sees
I have learned from long experience to be extemely ______ about offering advice when it has not been requested
Seized by a(n) __________ of rage, he began to beat the bars of his cell with his bare hands.
It is sheer _______ to insist upon applying the rules of formal literary composition to everyday speech and writing.