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November Shrinkage Indicator Report

Mis-mate program (focus area 1)

action plan a. once a week an assoc. will walk all shoe areas & conduct a shoe audit. Will place yellow tickets on allingle shoes. MOD will follow up the next week and MOS all shoes without a mate.
action plan b. MOD will assign one associate a START binder for consistency of shoes being paired up.

MOS (focus area 2)

action plan a. MOS will be done wice a day - opening & closing MOD.
action plan b. MOD will validate each item before it is submitted to MOS.
action plan c. Manager Markdown will be done to item before it is MOS'd.

Stockroom Tool (Israel/MOD)

a. MOD will validate all open packages before single sku reticketing is done.
b. All associates will rewrap all open packages, before using stockroom tool.
c. All open packages will be placed in a seperate bin in MOS area for MOD to validate before Open package MOS is processed.

Shortage Highway (Cristina/SPS)

a. All associates will not only sign off with MOD when going to break but they will sign off with SPS on duty. SPS will remind associates to walk and what to look for when walking the shortage highway.
b. MOD will have daily shortage walks with different associates for consistency and accuracy of shortage highways walks.

SPS EXecution (Cristina/SPS)

a. SPS must ensure and validate that all associates are walking shortage highway (hot spots)
b. SPS and MOD will make it a priority to retrain associates on following open package procedures, SPS will note on daily SPS binder on all associates being trained and not walking shortage highway.
c. MOD will validate SPS daily sign off for accountability on associates no t following proper procedures
d. SPS will continue to coach all associates on 4 key objectives

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