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Alphabet soup

What the heck is drip irrigation and where is it used?


What is the Dead sea?

A salt water lake. super salty.

What group has Isreal been in a territorial dispute with?

The palestinians.

Who fled to Jordan from war?

Those Palestinians.

Beautiful beaches, mild climate, Paris of the middle east.


What caused civil war in lebanon?

Growing population of conflictiing religous groups begane to fight for power

Capital of Syria:


What 2 main rivers run through Iraq?

Tigris and Euphrates

What major resource does Iraq have?


Former President dictator of Iraq

Saddam Hussein

What is OPEC?

Orginatation Petroleum Exporting Countries

What has helped modernize the arabian penninsula?


What is the main religon of Saudi Arabia?

Islam. (Sunni)

What important religous city is located in Saudi Arabia?


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