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  1. anterosuperior
  2. deductible
  3. neoplasm
  4. privacy glass wait to dictate avoid phone conversations
  5. gunshot wounds child abuse extremely contagious diseases
  1. a a tumor
  2. b the amount that must be paid each year by the insured before policy benefits begin
  3. c list three things that can be done to avoid having patients hear confidential information regarding other patients
  4. d confidentiality is automatically waived in cases of
  5. e in front and above

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  1. the correct coding initiative (CCI) detects improperly coded claims through the use of computer edits
  2. number of breaths per minute
  3. pertaining to the spine
  4. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
  5. duplicates of all insurance claim forms are retained in the office pending file, also called a suspense, follow-up or

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  1. percussiondisappearance of the characteristics of malignant tissue


  2. superiorterm for objective evidence of a disease


  3. trueconfidentiality between the physician and the patient is automatically waived when the patient is being treated in a workers' compensation case


  4. antibodiesimmunoglobulins that are formed to act against foreign cells or substances


  5. therapeuticpertaining to therapy