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  1. embezzlement
  2. symptom
  3. civil law
  4. true
  5. sign
  1. a subjective evidence as perceived by the patient
  2. b most legal issues of private health insurance claims fall under what law
  3. c term for objective evidence of a disease
  4. d the correct coding initiative (CCI) detects improperly coded claims through the use of computer edits
  5. e stealing money that has been entrusted to one's care is known as

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  1. duplicates of all insurance claim forms are retained in the office pending file, also called a suspense, follow-up or
  2. disappearance of the characteristics of malignant tissue
  3. number of breaths per minute
  4. immunoglobulins that are formed to act against foreign cells or substances
  5. nonpriviledged information consists of ordinary_____unrelated to the treatment of the patient

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  1. truestate laws may bar the use of a signature stamp


  2. policy holder subscriber memberin health insurance the insured is known as what


  3. co-insurancewhen the insured is required to pay a percentage of the covered services' costs


  4. superiorin front and above


  5. ambulanta tumor