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  1. neoplasm
  2. civil law
  3. true
  4. therapeutic
  5. remission
  1. a pertaining to therapy
  2. b confidentiality between the physician and the patient is automatically waived when the patient is being treated in a workers' compensation case
  3. c most legal issues of private health insurance claims fall under what law
  4. d disappearance of the characteristics of malignant tissue
  5. e a tumor

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  1. in front and above
  2. term that means uppermost or situated above
  3. able to walk
  4. four main types of tissue
  5. HIPAA amendments to the Criminal False Claims Act cover what four areas

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  1. confidential informationeverything that is head, read and seen about or regarding a patient.


  2. privacy glass wait to dictate avoid phone conversationsHIPAA amendments to the Criminal False Claims Act cover what four areas


  3. trueif the physician no longer wishes to treat a HMO or a PPO patient, termination is handled according to the same method that is used when discharging patients who are insured under private insurance


  4. prognosispredicted outcome of a disease


  5. gunshot wounds child abuse extremely contagious diseasesconfidentiality is automatically waived in cases of