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  1. percussion
  2. true
  3. antibodies
  4. neoplasm
  1. a term for tapping the body with the fingertips or fist to evaluate internal organs or to evaluate fluid in a body cavity
  2. b confidentiality between the physician and the patient is automatically waived when the patient is being treated in a workers' compensation case
  3. c immunoglobulins that are formed to act against foreign cells or substances
  4. d a tumor

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  1. the amount that must be paid each year by the insured before policy benefits begin
  2. what is true of endocrine glands
  3. notes, papers, and memos regarding patient information should be disposed of using a shredding device
  4. term for objective evidence of a disease
  5. pertaining to the spine

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  1. policy holder subscriber memberduplicates of all insurance claim forms are retained in the office pending file, also called a suspense, follow-up or


  2. tickler filemost legal issues of private health insurance claims fall under what law


  3. respiration ratedisappearance of the characteristics of malignant tissue


  4. theft false statement fraud obstructioneverything that is head, read and seen about or regarding a patient.


  5. the employee and employer could be brought into litigation by the state or federal governmentwhat action could happen if an employee knowingly submits a fraudulent Medicare or Medicaid claim at the direction of the employer and subsequently the medical practice is audited


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