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Spanish 3B Cultural Fun Facts


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What kind of government does spain have?
Constitutional Monarchy with a king and president
Who was Fransico Franco?
Dictator of Spain
What is the El Valle de los Caidos (Valley of the fallen) and who built it?
- It's a monument to those who died in the civil war\
- POWs built it
What is the Puerta de Sol in Madrid?
Madrid's times square
What is "El Menu Del Dia" and how does it work?
A complete meal offered at one price.
It's the most economic way to eat in Spain
La Tomatina occurs the last wednesday of every August in the town of Bunol, Spain. What is it?
the world's biggest tomato fight
Spain produces 44% of the world's what?
Olive Oil
What spanish tennis player is currently ranked #5 in the world?
Rafael Nadal
In which spanish speaking country am I if I am standing at the top of the world's tallest waterfall?
I am on the border of 2 south american countries looking at the highest navigable lake in the world. Where am I and what lake am I, and what lake am I looking at?
- On the border of Bolivia and Peru
- Looking at Lake Titicaca
A special territory belonging to Chile, this small island in the south- eastern Pacific is famous for its' giant statues. What is the name of the island?
Easter Island
What are Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, and Diego Velasquez all well known for?
They are all famous painters
What do Jore Barges, Ruben Dario, Frederico Garcia Lorca, and Miguel de Cervantes have in common?
They are all famous authors
What is Miguel de Cervantes' most famous work?
Don quijote de la Mancha
When was the first official bull fight?
711 A.D. in honor of the coronation of the king alfonso
Spanish bullfighting was first brought to the attention o the western world in what famous novel by Ernest Hemmingway?
The sun also rises
Where is the largest bullring located in Spain?
Ronda in southern spain