upset about something and unsure how to deal with it; "She was _______ when she discovered that her son had developed some very unhealthy friendships."


happy and peaceful; "Grandpa felt _______ as he sat on the porch watching the children play."


compassionate, showing care and understanding; "The secretary's boss was _______ when he learned that she was going through a divorce."


open-minded and willing to listen; "His neighbors were _______ to the idea of forming a neighborhood association."


lucky, blessed; "He was _______ that the accident only caused minor injuries."


filled with wonder and happiness; "She was _______ that her daughter had decided to become a nurse."


extremely pleased and happy; "They were _______ at the news of their son's engagement."


to be excited and happy, sometimes as a result of someone else's mistake; "They were_______ when they noticed that the student who usually won every award lost the election for class president."


happy, merry, playful; "Soon, her _______ mood spread to the entire group, and everyone was again ready to celebrate."


inclined to looking at the bright side of things; "Although the sky was filled with dark clouds, the _______ woman continued to set up the tables and chairs for the outdoor dinner."


arousing anger or sexual interest; "Her _______ outfit was entirely inappropriate for a business meeting."


to act before thinking, spontaneous; "His _______ actions often caused him to be sent to the school principal's office."


compelled by intense interest or desire; "Her _______ love of horses was exactly what the breeder was looking for in a replacement for his former trainer."


very curious; "Thomas Edison's _______ nature led to the invention of the electric light bulb."


engrossed, engaged, preoccupied; "She was so _______ in her book, she never heard her mother calling her for dinner."

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