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Fort Sumter

Fort in Charlestown Harbor. Confederates fired on it and started the civil war.

Border States

Slave states that remained loyal to the union.

Bull Run

First battle of the civil war. Two armies met and union ended up running away in confusion.

Homestead Act

1862 act which granted a quarter section of the public domain free to any settler who lived on the land for at least five years and improved it.

Morrill Land Grant Act

Gave states free federal land with the purpose of selling it and turning it into universities.

Legal Tender Act

Act creating a national currency.

Jefferson Davis

President of confederacy

Peninsular Campaign

Union offensive led by McClellan with the objective of capturing Richmond. McClella


Last confederate stronghold on the Mississippi river. Cut confederacy in half

Anaconda Plan

North's strategy of squeezing south into submission.

Emancipation Proclamation

The decree announced by Lincoln that freed slaves in all Confederate states still in rebellion. It was an attempt to satisfy both abolitionists and conservatives.


A term Republicans applied to Northern war dissenters and those suspected of aiding the Confederate cause during the Civil War. Northern anti-war democrats.

New York Draft Riots

Riots by irish immigrants in new York city because poor people were fighting in the rich man's war.

Robert E. Lee

Great southern general.

Election of 1860

election of Lincoln. Event that promised south it could secede

George McClellan

one of the first union commanders. Slow to fight and was replaced by lincoln


Battle that was a big confederate loss. Last time south invaded north. Major turning point in civil war.

March to the Sea

Marched from Atlanta to savannah. Destroyed everything in its path.

King Cotton Diplomacy

The south's hope that ffrance and England would side with them out of the need for a steady supply of cotton.

Trent Affair

A union ship stopped a british ship and pulled off two confederate diplomats.


Union victory. Led to issue of EP. Bloodiest one day battle.

Ulysses S. Grant

Commander of East. President.

William T. Sherman

Captured Atlanta and led march to the sea

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