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What was the main goal of the Constitutional Convention?

To revise the Articles of Confederation

How many delegates were at the Constitutional Convention

55 delegates

How many delegates were at the convention that signed the Declaration of Independence?

Eight delegates

Which two people proposed "The Virginia Plan?"

James Madison and Edmund Randolph

What were the three branches in "The Virginia Plan" and what did each of the branches do?

-Legislative branch passed the laws
-Executive branch carried out the laws
-Judical branch was the system of courts

Under "The Virginia Plan" how many houses were there and what was their names?

2 houses
Senate and House of Representatives

Who proposed "The New Jersey Plan?"

William Paterson

Who proposed the Great Compromise?

Roger Sherman

What is a compromise?

Settlement in which each side gives up some of its demands in order to reach an agreement

What was the lower house known as?

The House of Representatives

What was the upper house known as?

The Senate

How were the people in The House Of Representatives elected?

By popular vote

How were the people in The Senate elected?

By state legislatures

How were seats in The House of Representatives awarded?

Each state would be awarded seats according to its population

How were the seats in The Senate awarded?

Each state had two senators no matter the states size or population

What was the biggest disagreement between the Northern and Southern states?


What was the three-fifths compromise?

3/5 of all slaves would be counted as population

What was the date when the constitution was signed?

September 17, 1787

How many states must ratify the constitution before it can go into effect?

9 states

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