MARK 201 Midterm

The midterm questions
When Burger King targets children, teens, adults, and seniors with different ads and media, it is practicing _________________ segmentation.
Age and life cycle
Which of the following would be classified as a product variable in the marketing mix?
-Tire manufacturer
-the manufac. suggested retail price
-car insurance
e) car insurance
All of the following are methods for developing a differentiated service offer, delivery or image EXCEPT:
-Designing a superior delivery process
-increasing the quantity of service by giving up some quality
-having more reliable customer-contact people
-developing symbols and branding
-offering innovative features.
b) increasing the quantity of service by giving up some quality
The Jay group hires better employees than the competition by conducting lengthy searches and interviews. Management also trains employees much better than competitors do. The Jay group has gained a strong competitive advantage through which type of differentiation?
e) People
You have an upset stomach. Your spouse rushes to the store for a bottle of Pepto-Bismol. This product is an _____________
d) convenience
If you were in charge of recruiting Millennials for your marketing department, which of the following would you highlight in your advertising?
-Pension plan
-opportunities for advancement according to seniority
-the movie and games room
-8am to 4:30pm work day
RRSP matching program
the movie and games room
Gina's nail salon is serious about pleasing it's customers. Employees are trained to immediately and pleasantly respond to any customer complaints, and they are empowered to offer discounts and free add ons to customers who believe they were treated poorly. Gina's nail salon focuses on..
-internal marketing
-image marketing
-differentiating its offer
-good service recovery
Good Service Recovery
If a researched for a company such as Tim Hortons selects the easiest population members from which to obtain information, such as the first 20 people to enter a facility. He or she has selected a
-Stratified random sample
-judgement sample
-simple random sample
-convenience sample
-probability sample
convenience sample
Ford motor company emphasizes "quality first-ford tough" in its truck products. In doing so, the company has developed a differentiation strategy based on__________.
Mass marketers such as Wal-Mart and Zellers, often ignore market segment differences and target the whole market with one offer. What is their approach to segmenting?
-differentiated marketing
-target marketing
-concentrated marketing
-undifferentiated marketing
undifferentiated marketing
Mabel Lu id planning to buy a new washing machine. She notices that they come in numerous price ranges. She wants to make sure she gets the most for her money. This product is a __________ product.
A hickory rocking chair, handmade by an Amish wood carver from locally grown wood is an example of a
Specialty product
if Hold renfrew plans a special wine and cheese reception to launch its new suit line and sends invitations to business executives, it is recognizing that consumers are influenced by their__________.
-aspirational groups
-social networks
One of the greatest problems in obtaining and accessing information that is relevant to a marketing manager is
-the intelligence of the manager in knowing what they need
-a cataloging system for the information
-the cost of obtaining, processing, storing and delivering the information
-the number of people that are seeking the info
-maintaining the privacy and security of the information collected
-the cost of obtaining, processing, storing and delivering the information
Costco's Kirkland products are an example of a(n)
-Manufacturer's brand
-support brand
-organizational brand
-sponsorship brand
-private brand
Private Brand
When marketers at P & G selected the Millennials, a demographic that includes college students, as an untapped group of potential customers for their Febreze line of products, they were executing which step in the process of designing a customer-driven marketing strategy?
-mass marketing
-market segmentation
To a company such as Wal-Mart, __________ are an important link in the company's overall "value delivery system" since they provide the resources needed by the company to produce its goods and services.
-competitor networks
-sales representatives
-marketing intermediaries
-service representatives
As You Like It Inc. customizes its offers to each individual consumer. This practice of tailoring products and marketing programs to suit the tastes of specific individuals and locations is referred to as ___________marketing.
According to the BCG growth share matrix, which types of SBUs listed below often need heavy investment to finance their rapid growth?
-Cash Generators
-Question Marks
-Cash Cows
_____________ are shaped by one's society and are described in terms of objects (or services).
Part of Bell Canada's mission statement is to deliver unrivalled integrated communications to Canadians. This statement is
-Promotion oriented
-Market oriented
-product oriented
-distribution oriented
-price oriented
market oriented
Under the product/market expansion grid, the strategy of finding new market segments for current company products, such as Tim Horton's expansion into the U.S. market, is called _____________________.
market development
When a consumer makes the decision to buy a new big screen TV, and then proceeds to make an effort to learn more about the product category, this stage in the buyer decision process would be called the
-search for needs stage
-perceptual search stage
-information search stage
-evaluation of alternatives stage
-buyer education stage
information search stage
A _________________ is an example of a high-involvement product.
-Time Hortons donut
-two litre bottle of coke
-starbucks tazo tea
-sony digital camera
-tube of crest toothpaste
Sony Digital Camera
When wal-mart customizes its merchandise store by store to meet shopper needs, it is practicing _____________.
-local marketing
-individual marketing
-niche marketing
-psychographic marketing
-social segmentation
Local Marketing
Susi usually waits until the end of the season to buy a new fashion item. She wants to be sure that the style will still be in next year. Susi belongs to which adopter group?
-early majority
-early adoptors
-late majority
The ____________ holds that consumers will favor products that are widely available and highly affordable; therefore, management should work on improving production and distribution efficiency.
-Selling concept
-product concept
-production cost expansion concept
-marketing concept
-production concept
Production Concept
After women flocked to buy manolo blahniks after seeing carrie bradshaw wear them in sex and the city, sarah jessica parker could be considered a
-opinion leader
-late adopter
-motivational speaker
-inspirational leader
Opinion leader
Through __________, the service firm trains and motivates its customer-contact employees and supporting service people to work as a team to provide customer satisfaction.
-Service variability
-internal marketing
-service intangibility
-external marketing
-service inseparability
Internal Marketing
After listening to its customers, Starbucks is introducing a new marketing program that includes which of the following?
-Elimination of products
-Lower prices
-a Beverage-only menu
-A loyalty program
-Elimination of coffee beverages
A loyalty program
The image of a father and son bonding over baseball in the United States and hockey in Canada in MasterCards "Priceless" campaign is an example of the differences between the two countries
-views of society
-views of nature
-views of themselves
-views of the universe
-views of organizations
Views of Society
_________includes the company activities that make the product available to target customers.
Also known as consumer immersion programs to some companies, ___________ is the study of consumers as they interact with products and services in their natural habitats.
-Survey research
-experimental research
-focus group research
-ethnographic research
-questionnaire research
Ethnographic research
Chicken of the sea brand tuna sells more than the same size Kroger brand tuna, even though the Kroger tuna costs $0.15 less per can. Chicken of the Sea brand __________.
Brand Equity
____________ such as The Bay create value by helping manufacturers to promote, sell, and distribute their goods to final buyers.
-Competitor networks
-service representatives
-marketing intermediaries
Marketing intermediaries
A company's financial records show declining sales, the sales department thinks customers are unhappy with the performance f products, and senior management wants something done. At what stage of the research process would this company most likely be in?
-determining the research budget
-interpreting and reporting the findings
-defining the problem and research objectives
-implementing the research plan
-developing of the research plan
Defining the problem and research objectives
The ad council of America has developed dozens of ____________ marketing campaigns, including classics such as "smokey the bear" "keep america bebautiful" "only you can prevent forest fires"
-brand equity
-product line
People who study demographics assume that
-demographics are complex
-people at certain ages and levels of income want the same things.
-demographics tell universal truths about people everywhere in the world
-their findings reveal the microenvironment
-their findings tell everything there is to know about people
-people at certain ages and levels of income want the same things.
Which of the following information forms available to the marketing manager can usually be accessed more quickly and cheaply than other information sources?
-customer profiles
-marketing research
-marketing intelligence
-internal databases
-online databases
Internal databases
An apparel marketer is planning to launch an existing brand name into a new product category. Which brand development strategy is being implemented?
-brand extension
-line extension
-new brands
Brand Extension
If compaq computers wants to know how many and what kinds of people or companies will buy its new lightweight, superfast notebook computer, it would probably undertake which of the following?
-marketing implementation analysis
-survey of buyer intentions
-marketing research
-marketing intelligence
-internal company records search
Marketing Research
When a company conducts a marketing analysis and discovers that its customer satisfaction scores are quite low, it has identified a(n)
Because service quality depends on the quality of buyer-seller interaction during the service encounter, service marketers use __________ to train employees in the art of interacting with customers to satisfy their needs.
-interactive marketing
-service differentiation
-service productivity
-internal marketing
-external marketing
Interactive Marketing
The markets you have chosen to serve in four western states can be effectively reached and served. You would tell the marketing manager that these segments are __________.
A company examines its database and identifies customers who are profitable but not loyal. According to the authors of your text, it plans to use promotional blitzes to attract the group called..
-true friends
The removal of ozone-depleting CFCs from aerosol hairspray cans in the early 1990s is an example of the __________ environment's affect on marketers.
Johnson and Johnsons our credo company document, which stresses honesty, integrity, and putting people before profits, is consistent with which business philosophy
Societal marketing concept
Lexus targets wealthy consumers with similar needs and buying behaviours, even though the consumers are located in different countries. This is an example of
-targeting segmentation
-life cycle segmentation
-psychographic segmentation
-loyalty segmentation
-intermarket segmentation
Intermarket segmentation
Shampoo marketers rate buyers as light, medium, or heavy product users. This is _____________segmentation.
-usage rate
-user status
Usage rate
When it first opened for business, home depot claimed to offer better products at lower prices. This hard-to-sustain value proposition is called _____________.
More for less
___________ means that services cannot be seen, tasted, felt, heard, or smelled before they are brought.
-service variability
-service perishability
-service heterogeneity
-service inseparability
-service intangibility
Service Intagibility
When a company identifies the parts of the market it can serve best and most profitably, it is practicing _______________.
-Concentrated marketing
-market targeting
-mass marketing
Market Targeting
The fundamental reason AMerica's most admired firms, including Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble, and Disney, conduct extensive research is to
-Steal customers from the competition
-increase sales
-increase market share
-maximize profits
-understand customers' needs, wants, and demands
-Understand customers' needs, wants, and demands.
If a consumer tells friends, "I like my car more than any other car on the road" then the consumer has expressed a(n)
-product evaluation
-purchase rule
"I love New York" is an example of ___________.
-Person marketing
-corporate image advertising
-organization marketing
-social advertising
-place marketing
-Place Marketing