54 terms

anatomy-exam 2(chpt.4,5,&6)

the embryonic germ layer that is the source of connective tissue and muscle is
what is the microscopic study of tissues
the extracellular material found in connective tissue is called
epithelial tissue is characterized by
tightly packed cells
which of the following is a function of epithelial tissue
secretion and absorption of molecules
the various types of epithelium are classified by
the shape of cells and number of cell layers
which of the following categories of epithelium is based on cell shape
stratified epithelium consists of
multiple layers of cells
the layer of epithelium that covers the skin is called the
the proper sequence of events in bone repair is
hermatoma formation, callus formation, callus ossification, remodeling of bone
which of the following statements regarding calcium homeostasis is true
when blood calcium levels are too low osteoclast activity increases
normal bone growth requires adequate amounts of______,______,and_____in the diet
calcium, phosphate,and vitamin D
the longitudinal growth of long bone ceases when
the epiphyseal plate is completely replaced with bone tissue
the sequence of events that produces growth at the epiphyseal plate is
proliferation, hypertrophy, calcification, cell death, ossification, and remodeling
which of the following statements about bone growth is true
endochondral growth in long bones occurs at the epiphyseal plate
ossification that involves replacing cartilage what bone is
the spaces between developing skull bones that have not ossified are called
which of the following events occurs last in the intramembranous ossification
cancellous bone is formed
intramembranous ossification
forms the bones of the roof of the skull
an x-ray determines that Peter fractured the shaft of his humerus. the break is in the_____of the bone
spaces in the bone matrix that are occupied by osteocytes are
you would look for concentric lamellae
around the central canal of an osteon
cancellous bone tissue
contains interconnecting plates called trabeculae
which of the following is associated with osteoclast resorption of bone
hydrogen ions form an acid environment in bone matrix
which type of bone cells have processes that lie in canaliculi
the compression (weight-bearing) strength of bone matrix is due to the presence of
hydroxyapatite crystals
which of the following matrix molecules in cartilage tends to trap large quantities of water
the connective tissue sheath of cartilage is called the
the type of cartilage associated with bone function and development is
hyaline cartilage
chondroblasts produce
cartilage matrix
barney sat on a hot camp stove while on a camping trip. the burn was painful and blistered. his was what type of burn?
second degree
intact skin provides protection because
it forms a physical barrier against entry of microbes
the stratum corneum beneath the free edge of the nail is the
nail cells are produced by the
nail matrix
sweat glands
aid in cooling the body
when the arrector pilli muscles contract
"goose bumps" form on the skin
an expanded knob at the base of the hair root
hair bulb
the outer surface of the hair is called the
the length of hair is determined by the
rate of hair growth
the portion of a hair that protrudes above the surface of the skin is the
hair shaft
vitamin C is essential for normal collagen synthesis. if a child suffered from vitamin C deficiency, which layer of the skin would be most affected
reticular layer of dermis
if you accidentally cut your arm and see connective tissue and fat, which layer(s) was/were cut
stratum corneum, stratum basale, dermis, hypodermis (all of the above)
fingertips and footprints are produced by projection into the epidermis called
melanin is produced only by
a yellow pigment derived from plants that can impart yellow color to the skin is
is absent in individuals known as albinos
what will develop when the skin is subjected to excess friction or pressure
thick skin
is found in areas subject to pressure or friction such as palms
which of the following represents the correct order of the layers of the epidermis from the deepest to the most superficial
stratum basale, stratum spinosum, stratu m granulosum, stratum lucidum, and stratum corneum
what protein is found in the nails, hair, and epidermis
which layer of the epidermis is found only in a few areas of the body
stratum lucidum
the term "stratum germinativum: is sometimes used to refer to the
stratum basale
the layer of epidermis that undergoes mitosis and forms new epidermal cells is the
stratum basale
which of the following statements concerning the epidermis is true
the epidermis is nourished by blood vessels located in the dermis