52 terms

Lesson 37 Neuropsychiatry Terminology

At-Home Professions
304. /affective
relating to the affect
305. /amnesia, /amnestic
loss of memory
306. /cide, /cidal
killed, relating to killing
307. /gnosia, /gnostic
condition of knowing
308. /herent, /here
stick or cling
309. /phasia, /phasic
condition of speech
310. /polar
relating to poles or ends of a spectrum
311. /thymic
mood or emotion
312. affect
external expression of emotion
313. ambul/o
314. asterixis
motor disturbance
315. behavioral responses
pavlovian (Pavlov), skinnerian (Skinner)
316. bezoar
a hard mass in the stomach or intestines
317. cirrhotic
pertaining to or characterized by cirrhosis
318. claustr/o
shut or enclosed
319. co/
with, together
320. confabulation
filling in gaps in memory with fabricated facts
321. cognit/o
know or knowledge
322. delusion
false belief that is maintained in spite of proof to the contrary
323. dementia
mental syndrome characterized by loss of intellectual abilities
324. exacerbation
increase in severity of a disease
325. exhibitionism
the act of exposing the genitals to an unsuspecting stranger
326. formication
hallucination with sensation of insects crawling over the skin
327. Freud, freudian
founder of psychoanalysis, pertaining to Freud's theories
328. GAF
Global Assessment of Function scale
329. grandiose, grandeur
exaggerated belief of one's importance
330. hallucination
perception of object in absence of object
331. ideology, ideation
science of development of ideas
332. inappropriate
333. IVDA
intravenous drug abuse
334. malingering
feigning or exaggeration of symptoms of illness done for desired end
335. matr/i
336. mental mechanisms
denial, projection, conversion, sublimation, rationalization
337. MFCC, marriage and family counselor
license for marriage and family counselor
338. mydriasis
physiologic dilatation of pupil
339. narc/o
numbness or stupor
340. narcissism, narcissistic
341. patr/i
342. phren/o
mind or head
343. polydrug abuse
abuse of more than one drug at a time
344. types of restraints
hard restraints, soft restraints
345. schiz/o
346. somat/o
347. somn/o
348. stressor
to cause to undergo strain or stress
349. su/i
350. sympathomimetic
351. syndrome
Korsakoff('s) syndrome, organic brain syndrome (OBS)
352. transsexual
person whose external anatomy has been changed to that of the opposite sex
353. voyeurism
fantasies involving watching unsuspecting people who are engaging in sexual activity
354. zo/o
355. neuroleptic
term to refer to effects on cognition and behavior of antipsychotic drugs