Cold War "story of us"


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What was the U.S. Population in 1945?
140 million
The average American family made how many times more than the average family in Europe?
15x more
What were Americans first highways?
What president made it his mission to improve American roads?
What was the biggest engineering project in history?
Interstate highway
By 1995 the U.S. Was making what percent of the worlds automobiles?
Why did many towns die in the 1950's?
Many towns were bypasses because of an interstate highway
In 1946, one baby was born every how many seconds? What was that called
1 baby every 10 seconds; the baby boom
What was the location of the most famous postwar housing?
Who much was a family home in today's money?
What "won" the south?
Air conditioning
Who told the world in 1961 that america would put a man on the moon?
John f. Kennedy
How many Americans work on Apollo 11?
400,000 americans
How Amy Americans reached the moon?
24 Americans
What was the fault line that chained the nation?
When did change begin for African Americans?
What did president Truman change in July 1948?
U.S. Military desegrated
Who was the voice of modern civil rights movement?
What was passed a year after the march on Washington?
Civil rights act
What infiltrated the Manhattan project?
Communist spies
When did the soviet union get the atomic bomb?
What occurred in 160 when a U.S. Spy plane was shot down over the Soviet Union
The U2 incident
Why were congressional hearings set up in the 1950's?
To find soviet spies