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-Breaks down glucose>intermediate>pyruvic acid
-net gain of 2 ATP

Where does the pyruvic acid go after glycolysis


NADH and FADH from Glycolysis to ETC

2NADH ( 4 ATP)

Krebs Cycle

Pyruvic acid (looses a Co2)> acetyl (co-a)>combines with a 4 C molecule OAA >citric Acid> 5 carbon compound (looses Co2) > 4 carbon compound (looses Co2) CYCLE REPEATS (2 times in total )
-gain 2 ATP

NADH and FADH from Krebs Cycle to ETC

-right before krebs 2 NADH (6 ATP)
-6 NADH (18 ATP)
-2 FADH2 (4 ATP)

Lactic Acid Fermentation

2 Pyruvic acid>2 NADH~ 2NAD+>2 lactic acid

After fermentation where does NAD+ go?

Cycles back to Glycolysis

Alcoholic Fermentation

2 Pyruvic Acid> 2 ethyl alcohol znd 2 CO2
-unicelular (yeast)


2 NADH and 2 FADH are passed down the ETC threw the protein channels> one electron mixes with O2 to make H2O> H+ ions go threw the the ATP synthase to make ATP

ATP mad ein ETC?

36 ATP molecules

Alcoholic Fermentation Equation

Pyruvic Acid +NADH > Ethyl Alcohol+ CO2 +NAD+
^to glycolysis

Lactic Acid Fermentation Equation

Pyruvic Acid + NADH > Lactic Acid + NAD+
^to glycolysis

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