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  1. surplus allowed for this, job required special skills
  2. an ancient Sumerian temple
  3. group of people that have a specific purpose, exists to help society meet its needs
  4. a political unit that includes a city and its nearby farmlands
  5. the civilization that arose around 3300 B.C. in southern HERE is known as Sumer

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  1. ADVANCED CITIESKish, Nippur, Ur


  2. WORSHIPPED MANY GODSthe Sumerians are said to have practiced polytheism because they DID THIS


  3. RECORD KEEPINGa need to keep track of things, usually involved writing but not always


  4. CIVILIZATIONan advanced form of culture


  5. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGYlearned to use canals to irrigate crops, created new tools and used new materials