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the process of creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for marketing customer relationships in ways that benefits the org and its stakeholder


intangible products, such as time, expertise or an activity that can be purchased

consumer goods

products that you may buy for personal use


the ability of a product to satisfy a human want or need

industrial goods

products used by companies to produce other products


keyboards, monitors and printers are all types of


typically infects a system when the user opens the contaminated file

phishing and pharming

involves the use of deceptive emails to imitate popular web sites

a short range of distance

is the major limitation of Wi-Fi


is the use of secret numerical codes to scramble messages


gain unathorized access to computers or networks, perhaps in the attempt to steal information

data warehousing

the collection, retrieval and storage of data in electronic files

identity theft

once inside the computer, hackers are able to commit ____, the unauthorized stealing of personal information

form of hacking

spam is

products of mind

intellectual property


the term ___ refers to raw facts and figures

information system manager

in charge of operating systems for gathering, organizing, and distributing information

data mining

the application for electronic technologies for sifting, searching, and reorganizing pools of data to uncover useful information

information management

internal operation that arranges information resources to support business performance and outcomes

post office protocol

the protocol used to send emails

privacy protection

a firewall provides

local area network

in a _____, computers are linked in a smaller area such a office or building

data conferencing

allows people from remote locations to work simultaneously on one document

system software

tells the computer what resources to use and how to use them


is capable of gathering email addresses, credit card numbers, and passwords

world wide web

the branch of the internet consisting of interlinked hypertext documents


a private web network of internal sites and other sources of information available to a company's employees

simple message transfer protocol

basic communications protocol used to send e-mail


intranets are generally only accessible to

wide are networks

consist of computers that are linked over long distance -state-wide, or even nationwide

product life cycle

a series of stages through which a product passes during its commercial life

national brands

brands produced by, widely distributed by, and carrying the name of a known manufactuer

buzz marketing

promotional method that relys of word of mouth to create awareness and interest about a product or idea


selling the rights to a place a brand name on products such as tshirts

viral marketing

a form of buzz marketing that relies on the internet to spread info

institutional markets

hospital, churches, museums, and charitable organizations

convienence goods

inexpensive products that are purchased often and with little expenditure time of effort

product mix

the group of products that a company makes available for sale, whether consumer, industrial or both

reseller markets

intermediates, who buy furnished goods and resell them

specialty goods

expensive and rarely purchased. the consumer is usually unwilling to consider alternatives

brand loyalty

consumers exhibit _____ by regularly purchasing products because they are satisfied with their performance

market segmentation

dividing a market into categories of customer types

target markets

groups of people with similiar wants and needs


deciding how much to charge for a product is including in the marketing element of

consumer behavior

the study of the decision process by which customers come to purchase and consume products


a good, service or idea designed to fill a customer need

data warehousing

the process of collecting, storing, and retrieving data in electronic files

marketing plan

a detailed strategy for focusing marketing efforts on consumer's needs and wants

brand competition

the type of competition based on buyer's perceptions of benefits of products offered by particular companies

data mining

automates the analysis of data of using compeitors to sift, sort and search for information regarding customers about their habits

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