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Is it alright if I make a mistake?


What do you usually order at a Japanese restaurant?


Do I have to make reservations at (restaurant name)?


How big a tip (what percentage) do I have to leave at a restaurant?


Do I have to leave a tip in Japan, too?


Who (in your family) pays the bills at the restaurant?


I will treat you to lunch today.

今日 おひるごはんを ごちそうします。

Please lend me $5. I will return it tomorrow.


What color is your wallet? Where do you keep it?


To which foreign country do you want to travel?


What time do you have to return home on weekends?


Who looks smart in class?


[Telephone] Hello, is this the Tanaka residence?


[Telephone] Hello, is this the (partner's last name) residence? Is (partner's first name) there?


How many kanji have you memorized already?


Can you play the piano?


Do you have a driver's license? When did you get it?/When are you going to get it?


Do you have a cold now?

今 かぜを ひきましたか。

Is school stressful?

学校は ストレスが いっぱいですか。

What kind of problems do American high school students have?


Were you absent from school yesterday?


How long do you talk to your friends on the the telephone everyday?


How long do you usually watch TV each day?


How many months is your summer vacation?


How many times a month do you go to the movies?


How many yeas have you been studying the Japanese language?


I have a headache because of a cold.


When we supposed to have the next exam?


Would you like to go to the basketball game tonight?


What are you planning to do this weekend?


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