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Describing the outside of a house


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a window built into a roof to allow light in
a single piece of glass in the window of a building
Dormer window
a window sticking out from a sloping roof
a structure made of metal rods or wires which receives or sends out radio or television signals
an open pipe at the lower edge of a roof which collects and carries away rain
Drain pipe
a pipe that carries waste water or sewage away from buildings
Casement window
a type of window that opens like a door
A piece of this rock cut for use as roofing
a building where a car is kept,
a metal object fixed to a door which visitors use to hit the door in order to attract attention
a small hole in a door from which you can look
a rectangular hole in the door through which letters are put
a strong column made of stone, metal or wood which supports part of a building
a drive (ROAD)
Hanging basket
an open container with plants and flowers in it, which hangs outside a building
step in front of an outside door
Bay window
a window that sticks out from the outer wall of a house and usually has three sides
French window
a pair of glass doors, usually opening from the back of a house into its garden
Window box
a box for growing decorative plants, which is put on an outside windowsill
a shelf below a window
a wooden cover on the outside of a window which prevents light or heat from going into a room
Gable vent
a small opening which allows air, smoke or gas to enter or leave a closed space
Chimney stack
the part of a chimney that sticks out above a roof
Chimney pot
a short pipe fixed to the top of a chimney
a part of a building consisting of rooms that are partly or completely below the level of the ground
Sloping roof
angle to the horizontal
Sash window
a window which has two frames fixed one above the other that open by being moved up and down