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  1. round lot
  2. net asset value
  3. dividend
  4. common stock
  5. bear market
  1. a shares of ownership in a corporation that give stockholders voting rights and a portion of future profits (after holders of preferred stock are paid)
  2. b the money from profits of a company that is paid to the stockholders
  3. c the investment value of each share of a mutual fund, or the pirce per share that you can buy a fund
  4. d stocks are usually purchased in multiples of 100 shares, called _________.
  5. e stock prices are falling, investors are pessimistic

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  1. bonds issued by the federal government as a way of borrowing money; they are purchased at half the face value and increase every 6 months until full face value is reached
  2. stock prices are rising, investors are optimistic
  3. the process through which companies obtain money to expand their businesses through stocks and bonds
  4. an ownership share or shares of ownership in a corporation
  5. a measure of stock market prices based on thirty leading companies of the New York Stock Exchange

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  1. Securities and Exchange Commissionthe government agency, established in 1934, that protects investors in stocks and bonds.


  2. capital gainsmoney that is made by selling an asset like a home or stocks


  3. fraud riskthe risk that an investment has been misrepresented


  4. Price- earnings ratio (P/E)to buy a variety of stocks or other investments to spread risk


  5. New York Stock Exchangethe largest stock exchange, located in New York


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