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surgical immobilization of joint


reshaping or reconstructin of joint

closed treatment

treatment of fracture without surgical opening and visualization


placement in a location other than original location


excision of fascia


break in bone

internal fixation

application of pins, wires, screws to immobolize a body part placed internally

external fixation

application of pins, wires, screws to immobolize a body part externally

joint movement abduction

movement of a limb away from the midline of the body


movement of limb toward midline of body


circular movement of limb


movement by which two parts are drawn away from each other


excessive extension of a limb


applied to hand, the act of turning palm down


band of fibrous tissues that connect cartilage or bone and supports a joint



manipulation or reduction

mean the attempted restoration of a fracture or join t dislocation to its normal anatomic positin

open treatment

fracture site that is surgically opened and visualized

precutaneous skeletal fixation

considered neither open or closed; fracture is not visualized, but fixation is placed across the fracture using x-ray


together tow parts of tendon


application of force to limb

tocar needle

needle with tube on the end; used to puncture and withdraw fluid from cavity

anatomic site

muscoskeletal system subsection is formated according to what type of sites

any physician

whichphysicans subspecialty can use the codes from the muskoskeletal subsection


type of fracture treatment;treatment of fracture without surgical opening and visuallization


type of fracture treatment; treatment of fracture that is surgically opened and visualized

precutaneous skeletal fixation

type of fracture treatment; neither open or closed; fixation is placed across fracture site usually under x-ray imaging


it is what of the fracture that determines type of treatment


application of pulling force to hold bone in place


physicians actions of bending, pulling, rotating or guiding bone back into place


means to put the bone back into place

tocar needle

hollow needle often use to withdraw samples of fluid from a joint

local anesthesia

biopsy code usually includes the administration of this

skeletal traction

application of force to a limb with the use of pins,screw, wire or clamp attached to bone


aspiration of a joint

uniplane fixation device

device that has two or more pins

fascia lata graft

name of graft that is takent from lower thigh area where fascia is thickest

electric or ultrasound

type of stimulation often used to promote healing of slow healing fracture


becoming the surgical method of choice for many muscoskeletal procedures


use of tape applied to the body to provide support or limit motion


removal of cast that physician applied is part of service

skin traction

elastic wrap or tape is fastened to the skin or wrapped around a limb and weights are attached to wraps of tape

type of biopsy

excision category based on this first

depth of biopsy

excision category based on this second

method of obtaining biopsy

excision category based on this third

wound exploration

used for traumatic wounds that result from penetrating trauma


code used when abscess is associated with soft tissue and possibly down to the bone that underlies the abscess area


fractures are coded by 1 treatment


fracture are coded by 2 treatement


fractures are coded by 3 treatment


arthrocentisis is divided according to whether the joint 1


arthrocentis is divided according to whether the joint is 2


arthrocentisis is divided accordint to whether the joint is 3


shoulder or hip


finger or toe


ankle or elbow


open reduction with internal fixation uses pins wires screws to stabilize a fracture

keller type procedure

in which a wire is inserted through the bone of a toe to hold bones in correct alignment


great toe


angulation of toe toward midline

body area

arthroscopy codes are divided according to1

type of procedure

arthroscopy codes are divided according to2

extent of procedure

arthtroscopy codes are dividing according to 3

removal codes

used to report removal of foreign bodies that are lodged in the muscle

injection codes

used to report injections made into tendon,ligament or ganglion cyst

spinal instrumentation

used to stabilize the spinal column in some repair procedures


instrumentation is attached of a fixated device at each end of area being repaired, at least on other attachement in spinal area being fixed


instrumentation is application of fixative device at each end of area being repaired

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