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T or F. Page Layout View focuses on how the worksheet will look when printed
In page layout view, the dotted line indicates the print area (T or F)
Arguments are Excel's built-in formulas (T or F)
A named range may begin a letter or number (T or F)
In an electronic spreadsheet, you need to manually recalculate when you change the entries (T or F)
An Excel workbook has the file extension .xml (T or F)
Charts are updated automatically in Excel whenever data changes (T or F)
You use formulas in Excel to perform calculations such as adding, multiplying, and averaging (T or F)
You can use a named range instead of a cell address in a formula (T or F)
_______ below the worksheet grid let you switch from sheet to sheet in a workbook.
Sheet tabs
In Excel, a worksheet is contained in a file called a ______.
You can use ______ to move around in a document that is too large to fit on the screen at once.
Scroll bars
The ______ option helps fit the data on a single page without making changes to individual margins.
Scale to Fit
You can use a spreadsheet to _____ by using variable values to investigate and sample different outcomes
creat what-if data scenarios
You can edit the contents of the active cell by _______
just starting to type
A(n) _____ is an entry in a cell that contain text such as "2011 Sales" or "Travel Expenses"
If cell A1 contained 10, cell A2 contained 2 and cell A3 contained =A1^A2, what would cell A3 show on the worksheet?
You can use the ______ key(s) on the keyboard to navigate a worksheet
Possible paper orientations for printing a worksheet are landscape and _____
An electronic _____ is an application you use to perform numeric calculations and to analyze and present numeric data
You can change, or ______, the contents of an active cell at any time
You can use the ______ slider on the status bar to enlarge your view of specific areas of your worksheet
All Excel formulas begin with the _____
equal sign (=)
The Excel operator for division is _____
In Excel, the electronic spreadsheet you work in is called a _____
A(n) ______ is a built-in formula that uses arguments to calculate information
If cell A1 contained 10, cell A2 contained 2 and cell A3 contained =A1/A2, what would cell A3 show on the worksheet?
You can use predesigned, formatted files called ____ to create new worksheets quickly
To quickly jump to the last cell in a worksheet press ______
______ operators perform mathematical calculations such as adding and subtracting
The Excel operator for exponent is _____
To quickly jump to the first cell in a worksheet press _____
Provides a brief description of the active command or task in progress
Status bar
Work done in a virtual environmment
cloud computing
Displays the active cell address
Name box
Identified by the coordinates of the intersecting column and row
cell address
A dark rectangle that outlines the cell in which you are working
cell pointer
Using the order of precedence for arithmetic operators, these two formulas will calculate the same result: =22/25 =22/(25) (T or F)
Predefined formulas in Excel are called functions and can be accessed using the Insert Function button (T or F)
Using the CUT command completely removes data from its original location, whole the COPY command leaves information in its original location (T or F)
According to the order of precedence for arithmetic operators, operations contained within parentheses are performed last (T or F)
The COUNT function in Excel returns the number of all cells in a range that contain any type of data (T or F)
Using the Fill Handle to copy formulas prevents the Excel user from having to retype formulas in adjacent cells (T or F)
An absolute cell reference changes the cell references when the formula is copied to a new location (T or F)
The Excel function that returns the arithmetic mean of its arguments
The Excel function that returns the number of cells in a range containing numeric data
The Excel feature used to selectively copy formulas, values, etc. by choosing options such as "paster formulas only,"
Paste Preview
Mixed cell reference
Predesigned workbook files that contain labels, values, formulas, and formatting
Absolute cell reference
Allows the user to move or copy data from one cell to another without using the Clipboard
drag-and-drop method
This type of cell reference used to preserve the relationship to the formula location
What type of cell reference is D$23?
Which formula contains a mixed cell reference?
An Excel user should use a relative cell reference when it is important to ______
preserve the relationship to the formula location
Excel templates include which of these categories?
all of the above
All functions begin with the formula prefix ____
=(equals sign)
When cells are copied using Excel's copy function, what happens to the data in the copied cells?
the data remains in its original location
In Excel, MAX and AVERAGE are examples of ______
To prevent round-off errors, use the ______ function
To continue a sequence in adjacent cells, such as months of the year, use the _____ feature of Excel
fill handle
Excel templates make creating a professional looking spreadsheet easier by including all of the following except _______ in the template
An Excel user may paste a range of cells in which of the following locations
the same worksheet where the cells were copied and a different worksheet
In the formula =D1+C1/F3, which calculation will be performed first?
Which type of cell reference preserves the exact cell address in a formula?
The COUNTA function is used to count the number of cells in a range that contain which type of data?
formulas, text and numbers
In the formula =ROUND(D4:F4,0), what does the zero indicate?
the number of decimal places in the rounded number
How can the order of precedence in this formula, =C12+C13*F4, be changed so that cells C12 and C13 are added together as the first operation that occurs?
When cells or rows are inserted or deleted in an Excel worksheet, how are cell references affected by the insertion or deletion?
Cell references are automatically adjusted
Which key to you press to copy while dragging and dropping selected cells?
Which key do you press to convert a relative cell reference to an absolute cell reference?
In a formula, which symbol specifies fixed columns or rows?
In the formula =(G15-G14)*$M$3/4, which mathematical operation is performed first?
The Format Painter button copies both the cell's content and formatting
You can add words to the dictionary of the spelling checker
When you insert a new column, the contents of the worksheet shift to the left from the point of the new column
Normally, you don't need to adjust row heights manually because row heights adjust automatically to accommodate font size changes
You can change the font and font size of any cell or range using the Mini toolbar
You must apply borders to all the cells in a worksheet; you cannot apply them only to selected cells
You can apply formatting before and after you enter data in a cell or range
Formatting can change the actual data of a cell
The Increase Decimal button automatically adds dollar signs and two decimal places to your data
Equal to 1/72 of an inch
A type of conditional formatting that visually illustrates differences among values
data bar
A predefined set of attributes that gives your Excel worksheet a professional look
Has a default value of 8.43 characters, a little less than one inch
column width
The name for a collection of characters (letters, numerals,symbols, and punctuation marks) with a similar, specific design
###### in a cell means that the ________.
column is too narrow to display the value completely
You can change the ____ of labels and values in cells to be left, right, or center
The formatting due to _____ formatting is automatically updated if you change data in the worksheet
The default Accounting number format adds dollar signs and _____ decimal places to the data
To format a cell or range, first you select it, and then you apply the formatting using the _____ or a keyboard shortcut
Cells and ranges in a worksheet can be formatted ______.
before and after data is entered
The Spelling button is found in the Proofing group on the ______ tab on the Ribbon
Double-clicking the column line to the right of a column activates the ____ feature for the column
A ______ is an individual media file, such as art, sound, animation, or a movie
The _____ of a cell determines how the labels and values look
You can apply attributes and alignment options using the ______ dialog box
Format Cells
You can apply attributes and alignment options using the _____ tab of the Ribbon
The _____ size is the physical size of the text
Font _____ are formats such as bold, italic, and underlining that you can apply to affect the way text and numbers look in a worksheet
You can change colors, patterns, & borders of cells using the Fill tab & Border tab in the _______ dialog box
Format Cells
You insert a comment in a worksheet by using the _____ tab on the Ribbon
Dragging a chart object to a new location on the worksheet will change the data in the worksheet
You can print a chart by itself or a part of the worksheet
You can use buttons on the Insert tab of the Ribbon to create and modify a chart
You can create multiple charts based on the same worksheet data
A bar chart and column chart are equivalent chart types in Excel
Any data changed in the worksheet is automatically updated in the chart
A chart must be located in a specific cell or at a specific address range
A chart sheet is a sheet in a workbook that contains only a chart, which is linked to the workbook data
The horizontal axis is also called the value axis
WordArt which lets you create curved or stylized text, can be created using the Chart Tools Format tab
_____ lets you create diagram types including List, Process, Cycle, Hierarchy, Relationship, Matrix, and Pyramid
On a chart created in Excel, the horizontal axis is called the ______
A chart that is inserted directly in the current worksheet is called a(n) _____ chart
In a pie chart, slices that are pulled away are said to be _____
Which chart type would you use to compare distinct objects over time using horizontal bars?
Which of the following is not an option that the Data Labels can produce?
legend name
What chart item explains which color represents each quarter?
Text annotations are ____ that you can add to further describe the data in your chart
What chart type would be the best candidate to emphasize sales trends over a period of 6 months
A collection of related data points is called a ________
data series
Each value in a cell selected for a chart is called a _________
data point
A(n) ________ identifies each data series in a chart, generally with a different color
Which two charts compare trends over time intervals?
Area and line
Which chart type would be the best candidate to spot trends and extrapolate information based on research data?
A pie chart _______
compares sizes of pieces as part of a whole
The x-axis and y-axis are, respectively, the _______
horizontal and vertical axes
On a chart created in Excel, the vertical axis is called the ______
A scatter chart _______
compares trends over uneven time or measurement intervals
A(n) ______ chart compares distinct object levels using vertical bars; such as an outline, fill color, and text color, all with a single click
An independent element on a worksheet
Visually represents each data point
data marker
Presents information in a pictorial format
Often contains the names of data groups, such as locations, months or years
category axis
Often contains numerical values that help you interpret the size of chart elements
value axis
Tables contain all of the data in the database
Field names appear in the top row of a datasheet
A primary key field uniquely identifies each record
No two records can have the same value in the primary key field
Field properties change depending on the data type of the field
"Focus" refers to which data you would edit if you started typing
The Navigation buttons on a data sheet display the total number of fields in the data sheet
Values in an AutoNumber field are automatically created by Access
You can move datasheet columns by dragging the field name left or right
More than one person can be entering, updating, and using an Access database at the same time
In Access, the columns in a table are called records
In a one-to-many relationship, each row in the first table may be associated with many rows in the second table
In Datasheet view, a table is represented as a collection of rows and columns called a datasheet
Fields that contain numbers but will not be used for arithmetic operations usually are assigned a data type of Text
Microsoft Access can best be described as ______ software
This Access object provides an easy-to-use data entry screen
tables, queries, and forms are examples of Access _______
This Access object contains all of the raw data within the database
Which is NOT a feature of Access reports?
Easy-to-use data entry screen
A collection of records for a single subject, such as all of the customer records, is called a(n) ______
Which of the following is not a data type?
Which data type is used to sequentially order each record added to a table?
Which data type stores only one of two values?
Which data type links files created in other programs such as pictures, sound clips, or documents?
Which data type stores Web addresses?
A specific category of data such as a customer's name, city, state, or phone number is called a(n) _____
A group of related fields, such as all the demographic information for one customer, is called a(n) ______
A(n) ______ is a collection of tables associated with a general topic such as sales of products to customers
relational database
Which two properties are required for every field?
field name and data type
The term _______ database comes from the fact that two or more tables are linked by a common field
Which shortcut key moves focus to the first field of the current record?
Press this keystroke combination to move focus to the last field of the last record
Which of the following keys will help you delete unwanted data in Edit mode?
While editing a record, pressing [Esc] a second time _____
Removes all changes made to the record you are currently editing
Which editing keystroke deletes one character to the right of the insertion point?
A(n) ______ contains information about a given person, product, or event
Last field of the last record
Current field of the previous record
[up arrow]
First field of the first record
Current field of the next record
[down arrow]
First field of the current record
Next field of the current record
Last field of the current record
Previous field of the current record
[left arrow]
A query is commonly used as the source of data for a form or report
A filter can be used to create calculated fields
Deleting a field from a query also deletes it from the underlying table
A query can be used to create calculated fields
To add, delete, or change fields in a query, you use Query Design View
The asterisk (*) is the wildcard used to represent one and only one character in criteria
The question mark (?) is the wildcard character which stands for any single character in criteria
Queries evaluate multiple sort fields in a left-to-right order making the leftmost sort field the primary sort field
Filters are used to select a subset of records in a datasheet
A query allows the select a subset of records in a datasheet
A query allows the selection of several fields and records from one or more tables, then presents the selected data as a single datasheet
Enter OR criteria on a different Criteria rows in the query design grid
To find numbers greater than or equal to 500, use which comparison operator?
A query datasheet is sometimes called a _____ of the data
logical view
The wildcard character that stands for any group of characters is the ______
Asterisk (*)
To find all records where there is any entry in the field, even if the entry is 0, use which criteria?
Is Not Null
AND criteria
Must all be true for the record to be selected
A join line is also called a ______ line
The wildcard character that stands for any single character is the ______
Question mark (?)
Which of the following comparison operators means "less than or equal to"
A(n) ______ is a saved view of the data whose criteria is not discarded when you close the datasheet.
Which of the following comparison operators means "greater than"
When you double-click a field in a field list in Query Design View, it is
Added to the next available position in the query design grid
A(n) _______ is a temporary view of the data whose criteria are always discarder when you close the datasheet
Criteria ____ is the term for rules by which criteria must be entered in a query
Which of the following comparison operators means "not equal to"
Use the ____ command to save the current object with a new name
Save Object As
SQL stands for _____
Structured Query Language
This button helps search for data in a single field or in all fields
_____ are rules or limiting conditions you set to determine which records will be selected in a filter or query
Which of the following is NOT true about a query?
A query is the same thing as a filter
Rules that determine how criteria is entered
The lower pane in Query Design View
Query grid
Criterion that finds all records where no entry has been made in the field
Is Null
Creates a datasheet of selected fields and records from one or more tables
Creates a temporary subset of records
Used to search for a pattern
Putting records in ascending or descending order based on a field's values
Limiting conditions used to narrow the number of records on a datasheet
Best choice to display a field such as Veteran that has only two options, Yes or NO
Toggle Button
Used to provide a list of options for a field plus the ability for the user to enter a new value
Combo box
Used to visually separate information on a form
Best choice to describe information on a form
Used to run a macro
Command button
Best choice to provide choices for a field in an option group
Option button
Used to provide a list of options for a field with no ability for the user to enter a new value
List box
Created by entering an expression in a text box
Calculated control
Controls placed here print only once at the end of the printout
Form Footer section
Used on a form to display data from a field
Bound control
The way the focus moves from one bound control to the next in Form View
Tab order
Responsible for building and maintaining tables, queries, forms, and reports
Database designer
Controls placed here print once for every record in the underlying record source
Detail section
Forms can be used to enter and edit data
In forms created by using the Form Wizard, labels are generally in the first column, to the left of the text boxes they describe
It would make sense to set the Tab Stop property of a text box that will not be used for data entry to No.
A form contains record navigation buttons, with information about the current record number and total number of records, similar to those found on a datasheet
On a form, text box controls display data from an underlying record source
You can resize form sections in Form Design View
Deleting a field from a form does not delete it from the underlying table nor does it have any effect on the data contained in the field
Bound controls exist only to clarify or enhance the appearance of the form
Each item on the form is called a control
Controls placed in the _____ form section print only once at the top of the printout
Form Header
Which type of control would you most likely use to display name information
Text box
When referencing field names within an expression, surround the field name with ______
[square brackets]
This control displays a list of possible data entries from which the user can choose
List box
Use this form creation tool to create a form from scratch in Form Design View
Form Design
This control is used to provide consistent descriptive text as you navigate from record to record
Which of the following would most likely be used to display a Yes/No field on a form?
Check box
Which of the following would NOT be considered a graphic image
Which property helps you set tab order?
Tab Index
You can press _______ to move the focus through the controls of the form
Expressions must start with what character?
=equal sign
This control provides an easy way to initiate a command or run a macro
Command Button
Use this form creation tool to create a form by answering a series of questions provided by dialog boxes
Form Wizard
You can insert a logo on a form using the _______ button on the Design tab
Insert Image
When you enter a calculation in a text box, the first character is a(n)
Equal sign, =
Every element on a form is called a(n)
Which of the following is NOT a bound control
This control is both a list box and a text box control
Combo box
This control is used to display "yes" or "no" answers for a field
Check box
Sorting records plus providing a header or footer section
Used to identify which fields and records are passed to the report
record source
A combination of field names, operators, and functions that result in a single value
Enhancing the appearance of information displayed in the report
Determines how controls are positioned on the report
Prints once for every record
Detail section
Left, center, or right are common choices
The purpose of a report is to provide an easy-to-use data entry interface
The Report Wizard lets you choose the fields you wish to include in a report
Access reports can be based on either a table or query object
Portrait orientation is 8.5" wide by 13" tall
Reports are read-only objects, meaning that they read and display data but cannot be used to change data
The same expression in different report sections will calculate using a different number of records
When using a wizard, you can click the Back button to review previous dialog boxes
The design of a report cannot be changed once the report has been saved
Calculated expressions within text boxes start with an equal sign
Grouping means to sort records plus provide extra report sections
You can both group and sort records on the same report
Which of the following is NOT a common report embellishment
Command Buttons
Which report view's primary purpose is to review each page of the entire report as it will appear if printed
Print Preview
Which section would most likely contain page number and date expresions
Page footer
Which control is most commonly placed in the Detail section of a report
Which two sections can be added to a report if you group records?
Group Header and Group Footer
Which report creation tool is similar to the Form Wizard
Report Wizard
This section prints once for every record
The Report Footer section prints ________
at the end of the entire report
This section generally constitutes the largest physical space on the report
Which section prints below the Report Header on page one?
Page Header
_________ are documents that when filled in create records
Which of the following is the correct expression to count the number of records using a field named City
The Page Footer section prints ________
At the bottom of every page
Which of the following shows a calculated expression using appropriate syntax to subtotal a field called Quantity?
The Report Header section prints ________
At the top of the first page
The Group Header section prints ________
Before every group of records
Which control is most commonly placed in the Report Header section
The Page Header section prints _______
At the top of every page (but below the Report Header on page one)
The Group Footer section prints ______
After every group of records
Which report view's primary purpose is to quickly review the first page of the report
Report View
Which report view's primary purpose is to allow you to modify report controls while reviewing live data
Layout View
A view that is used to review a presentation or to show someone a presentation directly on a computer screen
Reading View
A view that displays a presentation over an entire computer screen that is used to show to an audience
slide show view
Allows you to change the size of the slide in the window
zoom slider
Used to organize all of the commands in PowerPoint
Arranges placeholders in a specific way on the slide
Slide layout
Used to type that references slide content
notes pane
Location of Undo button
Quick Access toolbar
Makes it easy to move objects
group command
Is sometimes transparent
mini toolbar
Snaps objects to a grid of evenly spaced vertical and horizontal lines
Align command
Changes the order of items in a stack
Bring Forward button
You cannot open a PowerPoint 97-2003 presentation in PowerPoint 2010
It is possible to collaborate on a presentation online with a group of people
Handouts are pages of your presentation that you print and distribute to your audience
If you embed your fonts, you will not have to worry about the availability of those fonts on other computers
The Quick Access Toolbar contains basic text formatting commands, such as bold and italic, and appears when you select text using the mouse
Once you create a slide show, it's not that easy to rearrange things, so you should plan your presentation ahead of time
PowerPoint presentations can be displayed over the Internet
In PowerPoint, it is possible to combine several shapes together to make a more complex figure
You can see which level your bullets are on by looking at the outline
A text box and a digital image are both examples of objects
Which of the following ways can you collaborate on a presentation with a group of colleagues
through a shared workspace on the Internet
The ________ toolbar is convenient to use for formatting text when the Home tab is not open
The pane on the left-hand side contains _______ of the larger slides
As soon as you move the pointer over the Mini toolbar, the toolbar becomes ________
clearly visible
Instead of changing individual attributes, you can apply a Quick Style to a _________
Which key do you press to create a new bullet?
The ______ commands found with the Align commands evenly space objects horizontally or vertically relative to each other or the slide
A ________ graphic is a professional-quality diagram that visually illustrates text
The _______ organizes all of PowerPoint's primary commands
A content placeholder can be used to insert _______
all of the above
What is NOT true about grouped objects?
Each object has individual sizing handles and a rotate handle
Pressing [Shift] as you drag to create a shape maintains the shape's _______ as you change its size
Which of the following is an exception to copyright protection?
fair use
Where are the View Shortcuts located?
on the status bar
The Zoom slider is located on the ______
status bar
When you embed fonts, the size of your presentation ________
The ______ toolbar is fully customizable
Quick Access
Which of the following items can you import into a presentation
all of the above
_______ spelling in PowerPoint identifies common grammatically misused words; for example, if you type the word "their" and the correct word is "there"
With PowerPoint, you can import text, photographs, numerical data, facts from files created in such programs as ________
All of the above
There are three Master views: Slide Master view, Handout Master view, and Notes Master View
Each theme comes with its own associated slide msters
Design elements that you place on the Slide Master appear on every slide in the presentation
To create custom theme colors, click the Colors button, then click Create New Theme Colors
Accent colors are colors used for other objects on the slides, such as bullets
You can use the Reset Picture button in the Adjust group to discard formatting changes
Although you can change a clip's size by dragging a corner sizing handle, you can also scale it to change its size proportionally by a specific percentage or size
When the Crop button is active, the sizing handles appear as straight black lines
While an annotation tool is visible, you still use mouse clicks to advance the slide show
It's important to know that when you compress a picture, you change the amount of detail in the picture, but it will still appear the same to the naked eye
A black slide during a show indicates ________
the end of the slide show
During a slide show, which key is pressed to pause the slide show?
Which key is pressed to go to the last slide in a slide show?
The numbers "00:07" that appear under each of the slides above is the _______ timing
The icon that shows two short vertical lines will _____ the presentation
The name of the author who created the presentation id included in _________
It is a good idea to limit each slide to six words per line and _____ lines per slide
Use ______ colors for slide background and text to make the text readable
In a slide show, the font size should never be smaller than _____ points
PowerPoint uses ______, if it is installed, to create numerical charts
Every chart has a corresponding ______ that contains the numerical data displayed by the chart
A(n) ______ is an example of a data series marker
pie wedge
The ______ chart type tracks values over time
The WordArt text styles and effects include _______
The Undo button is located on the _____ toolbar
Quick Access
Cells in the first or top row are ______ names and provide further information about the data
Specific information about a presentation
Created using computer cryptography
digital signature
How a slide moves in and out of view during a slide show
slide transitions
Cannot be edited or modified in any way
To draw on a slide during the presentation
Can locate and remove hidden information from a presentation
document inspector
Tracks values over time
line graph
Identify the data in a row
axis labels
Vertical axis
value axis
Intersection of row and column
Cells in the first or top row that provide further information about the data
legend names
Graphical representations such as bars, columns, or pie wedges
data series markers