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Hockenbury ch 12,13,14

Brenda forgot alarm clock, overslept,missed train, and was late to work, etc. Brenda's high level of stress:

can best be explained as the cumulative effect of daily hassles

Investigating the relationship between stress and susceptibility to the common cold and respiratory infections, Sheldon Cohen found that:

The higher a person's level of stress, the higher the rate of respiratory infections & colds

People who use stable, internal, and global explanations for negative events

have a pessimistic explanatory style

The most damaging component of the Type A behavior pattern appears to be:


As compared to members of individualistic cultures, members of collectivistic cultures are more likely to ___ to cope with stress

Seek social support and use emotion-focused coping strategies

Emotion-focused coping strategies include which of the following?

Denial, distancing, and positive reappraisal

define collectivistic culture

A collectivist culture is one in which people tend to view themselves as members of groups( families, work units, tribes, nations), and usually consider the needs of the group to be more important than the needs of individuals

When you are confronted with a threatening event, you will experience stress if:

You think you are unable to cope with the event or situation

8) According to _____, the _____ response is an adaptive one that increases the chances of survival when an organism is threatened.

Walter Cannon; fight-or-flight

According to Martin Seligman, people who exhibit ___ are more likely to ___

an optimistic explanatory style; be healthier and persist despite setbacks


Describes the symptoms and diagnostic guidelines for more than 200 different specific psychological disorders

Generalized anxiety disorder is characterized by:

ongoing, global, and persistent anxiety

13) In the months following her graduation from college, Amber has grappled with feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, and despair. In the last several weeks, these feelings have intensified, and Amber has withdrawn from all interaction with her friends and family. Based on this short description, it would appear that Amber is:

Experiencing major depression

According to one explanation , dissociative identity disorder :

represents a way to cope with extreme abuse or trauma that occurred during childhood

Agoraphobia is a specific type of phobia characterized with an intense fear of:

having a panic attack in a situation where the person would be unable to escape or get help

A (n) ___ is a brief, sudden, uncontrollable episode of acute anxiety and fear that rapidly escalates in intensity and usually includes physical symptoms like a pounding heart, rapid breathing, trembling, and feeling like you can't breathe

Panic attack

17) In the movie As Good As It Gets, actor Jack Nicholson plays the character of Melvin Udall, a romance novel writer who always eats in the same restaurant, brings his own plastic utensils, and hops down the sidewalk to avoid stepping on a crack. The character Nicholson was portraying would probably be diagnosed with:

obsessive-compulsive disorder

18) The term _____ describes episodes of depression that are triggered by the transition to the fall and winter months, and subside during the spring and summer months.

SAD ; seasonal affective disorder

Eating disorder where the individual refuese to maintain a minimally normal body weight, is afraid of becoming fat/gaining weight, and has a distorted perception about the size of their body is called

anorexia nervosa

Paranoid personality disorder is characterized by:

pervasive but unwarranted distrust and suspiciousness, and assumptions that other people intend to deceive, exploit or harm them

Of different types of schizophrenia, which is the LEAST common?

catatonic; physical immobility

In suicidal behavior, one consistent gender difference is that:

men outnumber women in suicide deaths because men use more lethal methods

In her therapy practice, Dr. Castellanos regularly uses the techniques of free association, dream interpretation, transference, resistance, and interpretation. Dr. Castellanos has been trained in:

Psychoanalytic therapy

3 essential components of client-centered therapy are:

genuineness, unconditional positive regard, and empathetic understanding

25) Melinda wishes to overcome her extreme shyness. Melinda's therapist helps her design a program in which Melinda records every instance of shy behavior, sets specific goals for acting in a more outgoing fashion in particular situations, and rewards herself when she is successful. Melinda's therapist is probably practicing a form of:

Behavior therapy

26) To help Woody conquer his fear of driving, Dr. Furlong develops a treatment plan that includes shaping, positive reinforcement, systematic desensitization, and challenging Woody's irrational beliefs. Dr. Furlong is probably practicing which form of psychotherapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

MAO inhibitors, tricyclics, and SSRI's are types of what?

antidepressant medications

You are thinking about entering psychotherapy. It is reasonable for you to expect your therapist will....

Challenge how you act & think

29) According to _______ and _______, the therapist must demonstrate genuineness, unconditional positive regard, and empathic understanding.

Carl Rogers; client-centered therapy

30) Dr. Burrhus said to his new patient, "I don't want to talk about your miserable childhood or how neglected you felt as a teenager. I'm going to help you overcome your compulsive eating problem. First, we're going to determine exactly when and how much you eat." Dr. Burrhus is most likely:

A Behavior therapist

According to rational-emotive therapy, psychological problems result from:

Irrational beliefs and expectations

Which is based on the assumption that thoughts, emotional responses and behaviors all interact & influence each other?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Drugs that alter mental functions, alleviate psychological symptoms and are used to treat psychological disorders are called...?

Psychotropic medications

Electroconvulsive therapy is to ____ as lithium treatment is to ___

Major depression; bipolar disorder

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