Cario 7th grade SAT words lists 1-4

aloof (uh LOOF)
distant, reserved in manner; uninvolved
ambiance (AM bee uns)
mood, feeling; general atmosphere
arduous (AHR joo us)
hard, difficult, tiresome
askew ( uh SKEW)
to one side; crooked; awry; a sidelong look of contempt
asunder (uh SUN dur)
in separate parts; apart from each other in position
austere (aw STEER)
stern, as in manner; without excess, unadorned, severely simple and plain
ballistics (buh LISS ticks)
the study of the dynamics or flight characteristics of projectiles
beleaguer (be LEE gur)
to besiege; beset, surround, harass
bludgeon (BLUD jun)
a short heavy, thick club that has one end larger than the other
bulwark (BULL wurk)
a defensive wall; something serving as a principle defense
cacophony (kuh KAFH uh nee)
harsh sounds
cerebral (suh REE brul)
of or relating to the brain; an intellectual person
chattel (chattel)
an item of personal, movable property; slave
connoisseur (kahn uh SUR)
an expert, particularly in matters of art and taste
coterie (KOH tuh ree)
a circle of close associates or friends
cranny (KRAN ee)
a small opening as in a wall or rock face.
cubism (KYOO biz um)
a style of art in which the subject matter is portrayed by geometric forms, especially cubes.
dulcet (DULL set)
melodious, soft, soothing
efface (uh FACE)
to rub away
evade (ee VADE) to elude or avoid by cunning; to flee from a pursuer
expunge (ex PUNGE)
to remove; to delete; to erase
forbear (for BAYR)
to refrain from; to abstain; to be patient or tolerant
girth (girth)
the distance around something; to encircle; to secure with a band that encircles the body of an animal
histrionic (his tree AHN ik)
overly dramatic, theatrical
impede (im PEED)
to obstruct or interfere with; to delay
incite (en SIGHT)
to arouse to action
incongruous (in KAHN grew us)
not appropriate, unsuited to the surroundings; not fitting in
lament (la MINT)
to express sorrow or regret; to morn
lassitude (LAS uh tood)
listlessness; torpor; weariness LINK: Lazy Dude
migratory (MY gra tory)
roving, wandering, nomadic
milieu (mill you) environment or surroundings
opportune (AHP ur tune)
occurring or coming at a good time
porcine (PORE sein)
reminiscent of or pertaining to a pig; resembling a pig
procrastinate (PRO cras tuh nate)
to put off until a later time
quixotic (kwik SAHT ik)
idealistic and totally impractical
reminisce (rem uh NISS)
the act of practice of recalling the past
roster (raw ster)
a list of names; especially of personnel available for duty
trenchant (TREN chunt)
cutting, incisive, having a sharp point; caustic, sarcastic